December 2015

It’s time to celebrate Christmas again – Praise the Lord! We are so grateful that we serve the one and only true God who sent Jesus Christ into this world to reconcile man to God and who left His Word and His Holy Spirit to guide us.In this Christmas issue we have compiled a host of informative and interesting articles that will not only enlighten you, but also provide a platform for you to share the Gospel in a relevant way with unsaved friends and family this Christmas.
- Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who Is He?
- Festive Facts About Christmas
- Christmas: How To Keep It Meaningful
- The JOY! Trip To Israel - October 2015
- The Middle East: The Dark Shadow Of The Arab Spring
- Victory Over Evil, Persecution and Even Illiteracy
- What To Make Of Homo Naledi
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Zephaniah
- Overcoming Your Fear Of Sharing The Gospel
- Gender Mainstreaming
- Freedom From Self-condemnation
- Learning To Be Content
- How The Human Body Is Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
- Gluten: Is It The Enemy? Am I Intolerant?
- Missing The Great Event - Nico Bougas
- A Spirit-Filled Christmas
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November 2015

As we reach this amazing milestone of 100 issues of JOY! Magazine, we praise God for blessing the work of our hands and for instilling in Editor, Erin Georgiou, His prophetic gifting to proclaim justice, righteousness and holiness through the media. In this celebratory issue, Erin shares the JOY! story with you, our valued readers. She testifies of God's guidance and the things that happened to provoke her into a new and exciting purpose. Included in this issue are stories from our regular contributors and an infographic of interesting JOY! facts and statistics. Join us in celebrating 100 issues of proclaiming a Biblical Worldview. To all our readers and advertisers - thank you for your support.

- A Christian Response To The Refugee Crisis
- The JOY! Story by Erin Georgiou
- Facts And Statistics About JOY! 
- Celebrating The Ministry Of JOY! Magazine - Andreas Kyriacou
- 38 Life Lessons That Growing Older Has Taught Me
- Tanzania: Four Thousand Messages Of Love
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Habakkuk
- How To Overcome Unbelief
- Living Under A New Master
- Putting Feet To Our Faith - Peter Hammond
- Family Policy Institute - Errol Naidoo
- No Closing Up Shop - Nico Bougas
- Help! My Child Is Overly Sexual
- Save Your Marriage Even If Your Spouse Wants Out
- Tackling High Blood Pressure
- Book Review: The Mind Connection
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony: Terry Clarke
- Blog Your Book - Val Waldeck
- Movie Review : Khumbula - I Will Remember 
- Movie Review: War Room
- Interview With Brian Houston, Hillsong Church
- Everybody’s Talking About
- Faith Broadcasting Network TV Guide
- It’s Time To Kick The Habit Of Fear
- A Sacrifice Of Praise
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October 2015

How blessed are we to have our very own personal intercessor and advocate before God - Jesus Christ. We need never fear or become hopeless or desperate. Because we are children of the most High, we too can become a light to others around us who are also experiencing difficulties. Everyone who is alive today is living with stress, doubt and uncertainty. But we praise God that we have Someone - so faithful - to turn to, our Lord Jesus. This October Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing and blessing our readers. This month readers are given many GAP year options and we talk about persisting in prayer. See the gripping titles below and make sure to get your copy!
- Frans Ludeke: God Is Faithful
- JOY! Tour Report Back
- The Persecuted Church
- Kazakhstan: A Message Of Love And Forgiveness To Central Asia
- Radio That Brings Words Of Life To The People of Russia
- Let Go, Let God
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Nahum
- En Route To Forgive
- God’s Answers To Life’s Difficult Questions
- Our Daily Bread
- Cobus Visagie
- Conference of Co-operation: We Need You!
- Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity And Our Life Beyond The Now
- Overcoming High Blood Pressure: Financial Fear, Anxiety and Stress
- Psychology And Psychiatry
- The Kitchen : The Engine Room Of The Family
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony: Dalene Abedayo
- Persistence Pays Off - Nico Bougas
- International Artist Review: Jason Crabb
- Let The Word Do Its Work In You
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September 2015

There is no need for Christians to suffer the way we do. Jesus paid the price at the Cross for us. We need to bring back the teaching of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially on the gift of healing, miracles and faith. All are essential if we are going to live victorious lives in these difficult and unhealthy times.In this challenging issue of JOY! we answer some questions about healing and also look at how to simplify your life so that you become energised to do God's will for you. These powerful topics and more are not to be missed!
-Ben Carson: The Prayerful Politician
-10 Guidelines From God
-TWR News: Speaking Hope To The World
-China: Project Pearl
-The Decline Of The West And The Rise of Christianity in Africa And Asia
-From Exhausted To Energised
-The Bible In A Nutshell: Micah
-Questions About Healing
-The Cemetery Of Fear
-Kiss And Make Up: How To Keep Intimacy In Your Marriage
-Giving Birth Naturally And Painlessly
-Promises From The Living God
-Let God Provide
-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
-How To Shape And Instil Life Skills In Today's Youth
-Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony
-The Cape Town Gospel Choir
-Erica Campbell
-Our Eternal Purpose
-Family Feuds
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August 2015

It's Women's Month and JOY! is celebrating with an issue featuring Lyndie McCauley, who is growing a following across the denominational and racial lines! This issue is full of exciting articles, testimonies, and stories. Don't miss your copy!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
-Lyndie McCauley: Soaring For God
-A Picture Of True Love
-Christ For All Nations: Celebrating 40 Years
-Living A Dangerous Faith In The Footsteps Of God’s Smugglers
-FEBA Radio: Healing From The Past And Hope For The Future
-10 Things That Are Undermining The Church Today
-Bringing Singles Together In The Church
-The Bible In A Nutshell: Jonah
-Why Do We Lift Our Hands In Worship?
-Charlyn Davids - Musician
-A Woman Of Faith: Mariana Crompton
-What Kind Of Biblical Woman Are You?
-God Healed My Broken Mind
-Divine Mission Church
-Overcoming Temptations In The Workplace
-Churches Should Address Depression And Anxiety
-Being Painfully Honest With Your Spouse
-Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony: Chris Joubert
-Is My Teen On Drugs?
-Perfectionism: Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue And Alzheimer’s
-Why Christians Don’t Need To Get Sick
-12 Promises Every Parent Should Ask God To Fulfil
-Book Review: Trackeroo And The Crew
-Becoming New By Spending Time In God’s Word
-The Standard: How To Realise Your Dreams: Repositioning
-Preparing For Eternity - Nico Bougas
-International Musician Review: Jon Guerra
-The River Group: Thought On Sharing The Gospel
-Be A Doer, Not Just A Hearer
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July 2015

In this issue of JOY! we encourage you to exercise the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you. These gifts were given to us by God to help us live successful and prosperous lives and to overcome difficulties. In fact they are essential if we are going to stand in the gap for others. We also introduce you to our cover couple - Gary and Jacqui Rivas, senior Ministers at Gracepoint Methodist Church. What a delightful couple serving their community in Glenferness and the greater Gauteng.
- Gary and Jacqui Rivas: Building Unity And Influencing The Body Of Christ
- Europe Cruise: Italy, Croatia, Turkey And Greece
- TWR News: Speaking Hope To The World
- Why Would Normal Kids Suddenly Become Radicalised?
- Prophecy: A Tsunami Of Perversion Will Arise
- Celebrating 60 years: Brother Andrew
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Obadiah
- Hearing His Voice Begins With Turning Aside
- Why We Can’t Ignore The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
- Are You Worshiping The God Of Open Options?
- Should Christians Blow The Whistle On Unethical Behaviour?
- Camino Di Assisi: Testimony
- Cracking The Mystery Behind Allergies
- Today I Looked Into The Eyes Of A Boy
- Engaging The Heart Of A Child
- Knit Your Way To A More Prayerful Life
- Knit A Square
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony
- Love Does: Book Review
- The River Group: In Jesus’ Name
- The Grace On a Cheerful Giver
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June 2015

As we celebrate Father’s Day this month, why not make a special effort to reach out to your biological father, stepdad, grandfather or even spiritual father and voice your thanks and appreciation for them. We are all so busy, and often forget to make the time to voice our gratitude to those who are in our lives. If you have lost a parent, you can still celebrate father’s day by blessing the elderly folk in your local old-age home with a visit, a cake, or a small gift.A JOY! subscription is a wonderful gift for dad, granddads and ministers. Why not bless them with this year-long gift for Father’s Day? It is very affordable and so easy to arrange, just email for info.
- Franklin Graham: A Voice Of Truth, A Man Of Conviction
- For God’s Sake...Do The Right Thing
- FEBA Radio: From East To West; From North To South
- Open Doors: Colombia
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Amos
- Why Does God Command Violence In The Old Testament?
- How Is The Islamic Idea Of Jihad Different From Violence In The Old Testament?
- I Don’t Believe In Atheists
- The Significant Impact A Father Has On Our Health
- Why You Keep Getting Sick...And Why You Don’t Need To Be
- John Berry: Healthy, Happy And Hopeful
- My Spouse Has A Terminal Illness
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre: Martin Goakes Testimony
- 10 Hardships In Marriage And How To Overcome Them
- Get Your Hopes Up
- Restoring Dignity To Mother And Child
- Caring For Your Entire Household
- Worker Bees For Christ
- Growing Faith And Hope Through Literature
- The River Group: When Time Runs Out
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May 2015

Oh how we all need wise counsel and direction from the Lord each day! Living in these times can be quite frustrating, scary, confusing, demanding and uncertain. The Lord has commanded us to consider Him in all our ways and not to worry and fret - He loves us and will direct our footsteps. How comforting and reassuring. This month we celebrate Mothers - so don't forget to bless your mom with a JOY! gift subscription for Mother's Day.
We also provide a 10-page Drug Rehab Feature, which can be helpful for those who are enslaved by the bondage of substance abuse and need a helping hand to lift them out of the pit and direct them to God's ultimate healing and freedom.
- Deborah Kirsten: Mom With A Message
- Open Doors: Cameroon
- The Anti-christ And Muslim Mahdi
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Joel
- Africa For Israel: What Is Christian Zionism?
- Standing With and Supporting Israel
- Have I Misunderstood God’s Will?
- A Prophetic Warning From The Holy Spirit
- Carnal Culture: Have You Fallen Prey?
- Busyness Is Not A Spiritual Gift
- Retrenched! Honey I’m Home For Keeps
- Phakamani Foundation: A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out
- Overcoming Grief
- Healing: Why Don’t Christians Receive It?
- Breaking The Bondage Of Addiction
- Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre: The Gospel Incognito
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre: Jesus Is A Choice
- House Regeneration: A Biblical Cure For Addiction And Destruction
- The Jericho Recovery Centre
- Chasing Sunsets: New Book By Karen Kingsbury
- Victim Of The Web: Finding Faith Movie
- The River Group: God, Sex And Politics
- The Fragrance Of The Knowledge Of God
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April 2015

Easter is a time that we worship and adore Christ for His sacrifice on the Cross - His death that bought us eternal life. It is a time that we commit ourselves to His service, and that we spread the Gospel of Good News. Draw near to the Saviour and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived this Easter...
Buy your JOY! Magazine this Easter and use it as an evangelism tool for reaching others.

The Road To Execution
Bank On It: Humour
Iran’s Emerging Empire
The Vicar Of Baghdad
The United Nations
Open Doors: Indonesia, “I Lost My Eyes, But I Found Jesus”
A Cross, Christ And A Crazy Cry Of Joy!
What If Jesus Didn’t Rise From The Dead?
Scarlet Threads: Women Of Prayer
The Bible In A Nutshell: Hosea
Answering Your Tough Biblical Questions
One God, One People: Africa Stands With The Holy One Of Israel
Why We Can’t Ignore The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
6 Reasons Why Marriage Matters
Natural Healing: Practical Advice And Common Sense
Beauty For Ashes: Our Resurrection Year
The Golden Years: The Best Is Yet To Come
Dealing With Ageing Parents
International Christian Schools
There Is A Way Out, Addiction Is A Choice
Encountering Jesus: Nico Bougas

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February / March 2015

“Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19   We have been given authority by God to face every battle and difficulty that may arise. There is no reason for Christians to feel overwhelmed, weak and defeated by all the trouble and turmoil in the world around us; we need to read the Word of God daily and renew our minds on what the Lord says about every situation (Romans 12:2,3).
The articles in this issue will challenge you to become the salt and light in society and offer hope to the hopeless. The world needs us to stand strong in prayer and be confident in the authority that God has given us.
- Nick Vujicic - Love Without Limits
- 10 Historical Myths About World Christianity
- Terrorism: The New Normal
- My Heart’s Desire And Cry To God
- Open Doors: How To Dance In the Dark
- Jesus Has Time For Me: FEBA Radio
- Mission Without Borders Brings Life and Light
- Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels
- The Unchanging Power Of The Gospel
- Running To Win
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Daniel
- Close To The Cross But Far From Christ
- God Is For Us
- Feeling Adrift
- The Healing Power Of Prayer
- Uncovering My Calling Despite Degenerative Blindness
- My Child’s Imaginary Friend
- Lessons From Loving and Losing A Pet
- 9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife
- Help For The Addict
- My Suicide Jump Changed My Life
- The Standard: The Cross of Christ; The Cure For Holiness
- God Is In The Details: Nico Bougas
- Doing Busy Well: Dr Caroline Leaf
- International Artist Profile: Brandon Heath
- Faith Broadcasting Network TV Guide
- The River Group: Small Beginnings
- Shake Off Discouragement: Andre and Jenny Roebert
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