April 2015

Easter is a time that we worship and adore Christ for His sacrifice on the Cross - His death that bought us eternal life. It is a time that we commit ourselves to His service, and that we spread the Gospel of Good News. Draw near to the Saviour and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived this Easter...
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The Road To Execution
Bank On It: Humour
Iran’s Emerging Empire
The Vicar Of Baghdad
The United Nations
Open Doors: Indonesia, “I Lost My Eyes, But I Found Jesus”
A Cross, Christ And A Crazy Cry Of Joy!
What If Jesus Didn’t Rise From The Dead?
Scarlet Threads: Women Of Prayer
The Bible In A Nutshell: Hosea
Answering Your Tough Biblical Questions
One God, One People: Africa Stands With The Holy One Of Israel
Why We Can’t Ignore The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
6 Reasons Why Marriage Matters
Natural Healing: Practical Advice And Common Sense
Beauty For Ashes: Our Resurrection Year
The Golden Years: The Best Is Yet To Come
Dealing With Ageing Parents
International Christian Schools
There Is A Way Out, Addiction Is A Choice
Encountering Jesus: Nico Bougas

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