June Issue On Sale Now!

In our June issue of JOY! Magazine, we take you on a journey to explore God’s precious creation, the earth, and all the beauty in nature. Reviewing the hard truths exposed in the hit documentary ‘Seaspiracy’, we investigate issues that impact all of us. We explore biblical perspectives on caring for animals and wildlife, as well as what it means to be good stewards of the planet. Added to that are interesting testimonies and informative articles to help readers in the areas of finance, health, and sharing the Gospel. May you be encouraged and inspired with the latest issue.

This month we have featured some wonderful articles:

– Will There Be Animals In Heaven?
– A Lot With A Little – Book Extract
– Remembering The Gospel – Sermon
– What Does It Mean That God Gave Humanity Dominion Over Animals?
– What Does It Mean That Righteous People Care For The Needs Of Animals?
– What Does The Bible Say About Animal Rights?
– Scriptures That Show God’s Heart For Creation