Why Christians Do Not Receive Healing

Dr Michelle Strydom is a Zimbabwean who trained and qualified at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She is a born again Christian who has an intimate relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus, and depends on the help of the Holy Spirit.

All for God’s glory
Michelle desires to practice medicine for the glory of the Lord and to make an impact that leaves a legacy of His love because she believes that the love of God is the best medicine. Apart from working as a medical doctor, God has called her into full-time ministry.

The ministry He called her and her team to steward for Him is named Eagles’ Wings. The key Scripture for Eagles’ Wings which describes their mission and mandate is Isaiah 61:1 – “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good news to the meek, the poor and the afflicted, to bind up the wounds and heal the broken hearted and to set the spiritual and physical captives free.”

Patients from countries all over Southern Africa and further abroad have travelled to Eagles’ Wings for help with various physical and psychological diseases. Pastors, ministry teams, Christian doctors and other healthcare professionals also come for training to be better equipped in ministering to people who need help.

Practical questions about healing that many are asking in the Body of Christ today:

1. Why do Christians get sick?
When Jesus died on the Cross He accomplished two things which are symbolised when we celebrate communion: we take the cup of wine which represents His Blood which was shed for the forgiveness of sins and then we take the bread which represents His Body which was broken so that, according to Matthew 8:17 and Isaiah 53:5, “by His stripes we can be healed” and made whole. On the Cross Jesus took our sicknesses and as children of God we have a covenant of healing and divine health! Hence the question – So why then do Christians get sick?

2. Why are Christians not getting healed after being prayed for?
In James 5:14, the Bible instructs us to pray for those who are sick so that they can be healed. An extensive survey was done in many churches across the world to find out how many people are actually healed of their diseases after being prayed for. The result world-wide (regardless of church denomination) was between 2 and 5%.

Psalm 103:3 indicates that God heals all of our diseases. Why are we not seeing the fruit of this in the Church? Although the promise of healing is available to us, Christians are getting sick and 95 – 98% of them are not being healed despite being prayed for. This has often resulted in great confusion, disillusionment and a staggering attack on one’s faith and trust in God and in His Word.

Lack of knowledge
The problem is that we do not understand disease, even from a Biblical perspective. Isaiah 5:13-14 and Hosea 4:6 say that we have gone into captivity and are perishing because of our lack of  knowledge.

For many years in ministry, the subject of disease and healing (and why people are not healed) has not been fully understood. For this reason, Dr Strydom wrote a book ‘Healing Begins With Sanctification Of The Heart’, produced a DVD series ‘No Disease is Incurable’ and also travels extensively doing conferences where she teaches how and why diseases develop and how to overcome them. She shows how the answers are right there in the Word of God to set us free.
The Bible is the greatest health book ever written! In fact, science is catching up and proving what the Bible said about health and disease thousands of years ago!

3. Why are diseases incurable?
It is not only the Church that is struggling in the area of disease but also the medical profession. Did you know that with all the advanced medical technology and drugs that are available to treat diseases today, over 80% of diseases are incurable in the medical field!

According to medical journals, the medical community has long given up on the possibility of curing incurable disease and the journals are filled with the phrase “there is no cure”. So all they are looking for now is better forms of disease management. What this means is that drugs used to treat chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies etc. don’t cure the disease, they just manage it – they alleviate the symptoms but the underlying disease is still there.

A message of hope!
Join Dr. Strydom on an exciting journey in the next several issues of JOY! as she shares new revelation from Scripture and latest breakthroughs in medical research which show how an incurable disease can become curable! 

Dr Michelle Strydom founded Eagles’ Wings Ministries. She desires to practice medicine for God’s glory.
This includes:
Healing Begins with Sanctification of the Heart 4th Edition
No Disease is Incurable (22hr) DVD set