July 2015

In this issue of JOY! we encourage you to exercise the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you. These gifts were given to us by God to help us live successful and prosperous lives and to overcome difficulties. In fact they are essential if we are going to stand in the gap for others. We also introduce you to our cover couple - Gary and Jacqui Rivas, senior Ministers at Gracepoint Methodist Church. What a delightful couple serving their community in Glenferness and the greater Gauteng.
- Gary and Jacqui Rivas: Building Unity And Influencing The Body Of Christ
- Europe Cruise: Italy, Croatia, Turkey And Greece
- TWR News: Speaking Hope To The World
- Why Would Normal Kids Suddenly Become Radicalised?
- Prophecy: A Tsunami Of Perversion Will Arise
- Celebrating 60 years: Brother Andrew
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Obadiah
- Hearing His Voice Begins With Turning Aside
- Why We Can’t Ignore The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
- Are You Worshiping The God Of Open Options?
- Should Christians Blow The Whistle On Unethical Behaviour?
- Camino Di Assisi: Testimony
- Cracking The Mystery Behind Allergies
- Today I Looked Into The Eyes Of A Boy
- Engaging The Heart Of A Child
- Knit Your Way To A More Prayerful Life
- Knit A Square
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony
- Love Does: Book Review
- The River Group: In Jesus’ Name
- The Grace On a Cheerful Giver
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