August 2015

It's Women's Month and JOY! is celebrating with an issue featuring Lyndie McCauley, who is growing a following across the denominational and racial lines! This issue is full of exciting articles, testimonies, and stories. Don't miss your copy!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
-Lyndie McCauley: Soaring For God
-A Picture Of True Love
-Christ For All Nations: Celebrating 40 Years
-Living A Dangerous Faith In The Footsteps Of God’s Smugglers
-FEBA Radio: Healing From The Past And Hope For The Future
-10 Things That Are Undermining The Church Today
-Bringing Singles Together In The Church
-The Bible In A Nutshell: Jonah
-Why Do We Lift Our Hands In Worship?
-Charlyn Davids - Musician
-A Woman Of Faith: Mariana Crompton
-What Kind Of Biblical Woman Are You?
-God Healed My Broken Mind
-Divine Mission Church
-Overcoming Temptations In The Workplace
-Churches Should Address Depression And Anxiety
-Being Painfully Honest With Your Spouse
-Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony: Chris Joubert
-Is My Teen On Drugs?
-Perfectionism: Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue And Alzheimer’s
-Why Christians Don’t Need To Get Sick
-12 Promises Every Parent Should Ask God To Fulfil
-Book Review: Trackeroo And The Crew
-Becoming New By Spending Time In God’s Word
-The Standard: How To Realise Your Dreams: Repositioning
-Preparing For Eternity - Nico Bougas
-International Musician Review: Jon Guerra
-The River Group: Thought On Sharing The Gospel
-Be A Doer, Not Just A Hearer
Don't miss out on your copy! Available in retail stores nationwide, or via a subscription including a FREE CD or DVD! Subscribe today at or give us a call at 021 852 4061

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