September 2015

There is no need for Christians to suffer the way we do. Jesus paid the price at the Cross for us. We need to bring back the teaching of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially on the gift of healing, miracles and faith. All are essential if we are going to live victorious lives in these difficult and unhealthy times.In this challenging issue of JOY! we answer some questions about healing and also look at how to simplify your life so that you become energised to do God's will for you. These powerful topics and more are not to be missed!
-Ben Carson: The Prayerful Politician
-10 Guidelines From God
-TWR News: Speaking Hope To The World
-China: Project Pearl
-The Decline Of The West And The Rise of Christianity in Africa And Asia
-From Exhausted To Energised
-The Bible In A Nutshell: Micah
-Questions About Healing
-The Cemetery Of Fear
-Kiss And Make Up: How To Keep Intimacy In Your Marriage
-Giving Birth Naturally And Painlessly
-Promises From The Living God
-Let God Provide
-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
-How To Shape And Instil Life Skills In Today's Youth
-Noupoort Christian Care Centre Testimony
-The Cape Town Gospel Choir
-Erica Campbell
-Our Eternal Purpose
-Family Feuds
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