A Spirit-Filled Christmas

It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! While we deck the halls, dress the trees and decorate with all things jolly to get into the spirit of Christmas, let’s make a special effort to pay attention to His Spirit. 
The Word of God describes the Holy Spirit as a precious treasure living within us. Being filled with the Spirit of God is the most wonderful gift of all and when we understand how to stay vitally connected to His voice of wisdom and truth, our lives will overflow with His supernatural purpose, peace and joy!
Recognise the gift of God’s Spirit
As born again, children of God, we have the most valuable gift of life, dwelling within us. Unless we choose to train our hearts and minds to become sensitive to His voice, we can go through our lives being dictated to by circumstances, depending on our own strength and wisdom. 
Attentive to the Spirit’s voice
I once read an article Gloria Copeland wrote, explaining the process of becoming sensitive to the Spirit of God inside of us. She used the analogy of tuning in to a radio station. 
When we want to listen to a particular radio station, all we need to do is turn a dial and tune in to that station. You see, that station is constantly transmitting its frequency, but we have to tune into the frequency to hear it clearly. Just the same, the Holy Spirit is alive inside of us, constantly speaking to and guiding us. We just need to know how to fine-tune our hearing to His voice. We tune in and out all the time, depending on what we give our attention to.   
Speaking to the Holy Spirit 
Now, there are many different ways to fine-tune our spirits to hear the Spirit of God, however, one of the fastest and most effective methods is to pray in tongues. 1 Corinthians 14:2 says, “For one who speaks in an [unknown] tongue speaks not to men but to God, for no one understands or catches his meaning, because in the [Holy] Spirit he utters secret truths and hidden things [not obvious to the understanding].”
When we pray in tongues, we are not praying according to our own thoughts or understanding, we are praying the Spirit of God’s. Now that truth alone makes my spirit leap with excitement! You see, the more you learn about the nature and character of the Lord, you realise how absolutely awesome He is. Besides being all powerful, He is full of love, goodness and hope. He is kind, gentle, merciful and compassionate. And He is for us! He loves spending time with us because He delights in us. 
He really is interested in every intimate detail of our lives. That has always touched my heart about our God – the way I feel His smile and unconditional love for me, every time I direct my thoughts to Him.
Silence every distracting thought
When we pray in tongues, we silence every other thought or frequency in our minds and spirits that would bring doubt and fear. It’s like plugging into a supernatural power source that floods us with hope, wisdom and strength. That’s because we are directly and vitally connected to the Spirit of God Himself! There is nothing that satisfies our spirits and souls more than that. It’s because praying in tongues is connecting with the Spirit of God, on His terms. 
Remember that His ways and thoughts are not ours, they are far superior because He is all knowing and all powerful. So whatever we need at the time we tune into His Spirit, is exactly what He fills us with. Sometimes it’s so light and refreshing, like a gentle breeze, brushing over our spirits, assuring us of His love and faithfulness. 
He is our Helper 
Other times it can be a clear thought that is spontaneously dropped into our minds that carries a powerful sense of urgency, filled with wisdom and purpose. There is no limit to how the Spirit of God makes Himself known to us as He deposits His truth inside of us. However, you can be certain that He will never bring fear or hopelessness. He is not the spirit of fear, He is love, and from the moment we surrendered our lives to Him, He gave us His Spirit of love, power and a sound mind! 
So let’s not spend the rest of our days ignoring that supernatural power house that lives inside of us! Let’s choose to constantly tune into Him, drawing from His Spirit as our vital necessity.
Exuding the Spirit of Christ
Can you imagine the blessing you will be to those around you, this Christmas, when you are constantly being filled with that powerful force of love that never fails, filling every part of your life and then flowing into the lives of others? Let’s make this a Christmas like no other, a Christmas filled with the Spirit of God Himself!  

ANDRE AND JENNY ROEBERT are the pastors and co-founders of River Ministries situated in East London, incorporating various ministries, each geared to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. See: myriver.com