The Kitchen: The Engine Room of the Family

The Kitchen: The Engine Room of the Family
Go Natural’s Ten Step Nutritional Programme
In order to help you live healthily and naturally in a modern urban environment that is jam-packed with quick-fix boxed food solutions, altered food, dirty water, and other ‘evils’; Go Natural has developed ten basic guidelines to gather, produce and freshly prepare REAL foods and pure water that will optimally nourish the body.
Ironically the farmers who produce whole food in rural areas often end up buying the convenient, adulterated, processed and boxed-food version of what they grew, back again in a different form wrapped in expensive and at times deceitful packaging. They so become exposed to the same modern un-natural food modalities and chemical evils as city dwellers are.
Healthy living requires a paradigm shift that begins in the mind. The rationale for eating REAL FOOD is well documented and explained in my book and one of the former GO NATURAL articles. All the GO NATURAL articles are available on Once you understand the rationale and the four reasons for quality real foods/building blocks and the critical role they play in your body to experience daily optimum health. you will think twice in consuming junk foods in boxes, packets and fast food outlets. Foods in boxes and packets are not natural. Our Creator did not design us to eat pre-processed and adulterated quick-fix foods. I’ve not come across plants in nature that produce foods in bottles, boxes, packets and cans!
I can assure you that if you and your family embark on this journey to make and prepare your own foods the GO NATURAL way, it will be an exciting, educational, empowering and enjoyable experience for you and your family. The GO NATURAL diet and lifestyle is a life-altering and possibly a life-saving journey. Our book GO NATURAL will equip you with information, skills, wisdom and recipes to produce real handmade traditional foods! Real foods are not only far more palatable and tasty but also contain a much higher nutritional value, similar to what our ancestor once enjoyed.
Go Natural’s Ten Step Nutritional Plan
1.     Water
Pure water is a human being’s number one basic need.
The body is comprised of approximately 70 percent water. One of the very important functions of water is to flush out toxins from the body. But how can water clean the system if the water itself has become an actual source of toxins, polluting the body and its delicate systems? Polluted water makes the body a very expensive filter with devastating effects. Water must be pure before it enters the body.
·         Every house should harvest rain water in big storage containers once the atmosphere and roof has been washed clean with the first rain. Borehole water is not recommended, I invite you to read my book for more advice and information.
·         Recommended purification process?
Distillation is the only consistent, infallible and effective water purification process. It transforms contaminated water into pure life-giving water. The reason I have so much confidence in the distillation process, is that it is a natural process and it is flawless every time. Distillation uses the natural hydrologic cycle of evaporation and condensation (leaving the toxins, chemicals, inorganic minerals and pollutants behind). It is the same process that has supplied rain water to our planet for thousands of years.
2.     Grain – Foods
A super and delicious staple food if it is freshly milled or rolled. Intolerances disappear, vitality is regained and excess body weight melts away. Grain can be seen as a living and sleeping infant plant with a great concentration of nutrients to survive and reproduce. Grain foods like bread, pizza, pasta, etc. should only be enjoyed if it was hand made from freshly milled, living and organic grains.
The rationale for freshly milling is that when grains are milled into flour or rolled into a flake, the grain kernel is killed thus it can and will not grow anymore. On top of this the flour is now exposed to the oxygen-containing atmosphere we live in. Anything that is killed and exposed to oxygen will oxidise and degenerate. Therefor if you buy flour you are actually buying dead, ripped apart grains that are in the process of decomposing.
The Banting advocates are unfair and ill-informed in their judgment of grain. They don’t compare apples with apples. One cannot compare white refined flour with a whole grain seed. They have rightfully exposed the evils of refined carbohydrates, but neglected to expound the virtues and even necessity of unrefined, organic, freshly milled grains. Because of this half-truth and lack of discernment many are being misled and robbed of vital, life-giving nutrients and cost effective food types. History and anthropological studies prove that our ancestors have enjoyed hand-made whole grain foods for millennia without blood sugar problems like overweight, obesity, diabetes. We have hundreds of customers that can testify for this fact.
Suggestion; preferably always stone-mill living grain fresh immediately prior to preparation of the food. This ensures that the fragile essential fatty acids and amino acids (protein) in the germ of the grain is fresh. In fact, oxidised essential fatty acids in old flour become a trans-fatty acid which is toxic and carcinogenic.

3.     Animal protein
The prima building blocks: Meat, seafood, milk products and eggs are vitally important foods. Not only is it difficult to obtain adequate protein on a diet devoid of animal products, but such a diet often leads to deficiencies in many important minerals and nutrients as well. This is because a largely vegetarian diet lacks the fat-soluble catalyst needed for mineral absorption. The saying, ‘You are what you eat’, also applies to animals. It is important to know what the food chain of the animal you are going to eat consisted of. We need to apply common sense and pay a lot more attention to our food sources, types, and quality. Only buy meat and other animal protein products from a supplier that is well known for supplying organic pasture-reared meat, eggs, milk, etc., with no growth stimulants, GM containing fodder and hormones.
4.     Juicing of vegetables
When one extracts the juice from a vegetable or herb, the result is a very concentrated and powerful nutrient substance. Some people even call it medicine. You can literally ‘make your juicer your pharmacy or food supplement factory’.
The advantage of juicing raw vegetables lies in separating the juice from the fibre, so that you retain the bulk of the nutrients in the juice. Because the fibre has been removed, these fresh, living nutrients in the juice enter into the bloodstream at cellular level within minutes, eliminating the time-consuming and energy-depleting process of digestion.
Juicing vegetables provides one of the best sources of nutrients for building and regeneration of our bodies, the immune system and cells. In short, juicing is the best and safest way to counteract the imbalances of the unnatural convenience lifestyle that renders our bodies overfed and malnourished. But bear in mind, juicing is not a passport to cheat and deviate from a healthy lifestyle.
5.     Sprouting
Make your kitchen your garden.
Adding sprouts to your diet is an easy way to gain mega loads of the living building blocks needed for vitality and good health. Sprouts are easy, cost effective and practical to implement into your diet. For their size they offer a tremendous number of nutrients.
6.     Fermented foods
Fermentation as a process to naturally preserve raw foods is a vital traditional skill that has been lost and forgotten by modern society. Homemade fermented foods are filled with natural probiotics, enzymes and a plethora of healthy gut bacteria. Consuming unpasteurized homemade fermented foods is almost a sure remedy for restoring gut health that has been compromised due to modern food and unnatural medical interventions like antibiotics. Homemade traditional sauerkraut and kefir yogurt helped me to restore my gut health. Fresh fermented foods are far better than any probiotic supplement I’ve ever used in my search for gut health. By making fermented foods a priority in your diet and lifestyle you too can experience improved health and or recovery at little additional cost.
7.     Blending
The benefits and dangers of high-speed blending will be pointed out.
My suggestion is, yes, enjoy the occasional smoothie, but it should preferably always be in conjunction with whole nuts, or a whole apple or carrot that requires proper chewing. We should also limit the number of smoothies offered to our children, by providing and producing healthy whole food, chewable foods and snacks instead.
A blender is a wonderful modern kitchen aid to be utilised, but we need to use it in moderation and with wisdom. Chewing is vitally important to stimulate jaw bone development and the excretion of the correct digestive enzymes for proper digestion. More detail in my book.
8.     Dehydrating of products
Dehydrating is a natural process to preserve and to produce snacks and foods. Blowing hot dry air over certain foods will dehydrate and remove the moisture from the food product, leaving the preserved enzymes, vitamins, and minerals intact, to be used at a later date. No more exposure to harmful sulphur containing chemical preservatives in your home made dried fruits.
9.     Oils and fats
Indispensable for the absorption and utilisation of nutrients. A vital nutrient essential for a healthy central nervous system, skin, etc.
10. Super foods
Extraordinary nutrient-dense foods that boost health and vitality. Examples are; whole cacao beans, chia seeds, cayenne pepper, etc. GO NATURAL in its recipe section have a selection of recipes to make handmade chocolate, snacks, deserts from whole and fresh super food ingredients. These type of snacks is a real treat, but if the correct ingredients were used the GO NATURAL way it become a good food to be enjoyed with no regrets, since it is non-fattening and jam-packed with mega quantities of nutrients.
The above list of Nutritional suggestions is the theory of the GO NATURAL diet and lifestyle which is discussed in detail in my book. The practical aspects are explained in Part 10 under the Recipes section in my book. With this theory in mind, the recipes provide the necessary practical skills and know-how to make these foods from living ingredients. If you want to know how to incorporate these foods into your daily diet, refer to Go Natural’s suggested daily diet under the Recipes section.
I invite you to read my book and to discover how you can take control of your health, your most valuable asset.Visit my website

By Johan Jacobs