The Significant Impact A Father Has On Our Health

Latest medical research is tracing 87-95% of diseases back to “toxic mind-sets” upstream in our thought life, which come from a relationship breakdown on the following three levels:

A relationship breakdown with God – for example not being able to receive His love
A breakdown in relationship with yourself – for example a low self-esteem, guilt, shame, condemnation and self-hatred
A breakdown in relationship with others – for example hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, criticism, fault-finding, jealousy, envy and strife.

The key to healing is love
To recover from 95% of diseases, it is necessary to deal with the toxic-mindsets that cause them. Therefore the process of healing involves restoration in these three areas whereby you come back into a love relationship with God, yourself and others. When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And the second greatest commandment is like it – love your neighbour as you do yourself. Upon this depends all the Law and the prophets” Matt 22:36-40.
So Jesus said, “What it is all about is loving God, loving yourself and loving others.” This is true, even in the area of healing! The key to divine health in one word is “love”! Because when you have a wholesome love relationship with God, yourself and others, you won’t have any of the toxic mindsets that cause disease!
The role of the father
Just as you cannot pour water into a glass from an empty jug – you cannot give out love to others if you don’t have it in you! You cannot love others without ‘loving yourself’ in a balanced way where you have a healthy self-esteem that is firmly rooted in the knowledge of who you are in Christ. If you don’t love yourself, you are going to have a hard time getting along with anybody else. The problem with many marriages today is two people who don’t know how to love themselves, who are trying to love each other! You cannot love yourself without first receiving the love of God the Father.
An important role of the father is to reflect the Father heart of God to his family. The Lord designed it such that as children we gain an understanding of the concept of how to have a relationship with God the Father through the experience of a relationship with our earthly father. A very true saying is: “A son cannot find a father in God, until he first finds God in his father.” So because of this, our image of God the Father is affected by our image of our earthly father. This means that if our earthly father was for example absent, unloving, harsh or abusive, we will develop a distorted image of God the Father.
For many people – because the Lord has that same name “Father”, they think that He is like their earthly one…and so now God the Father is guilty by association. When Jesus taught us to pray, He began with: “Our Father..” and we get a block right there because we want nothing to do with “father”! Many struggle to identify with God as Father and thus are not able to receive His love.
Broken relationships cause disease
Not being able to receive God’s love creates a major health problem because it means that you won’t be able to love yourself and then you won’t be able to love others. Now that you have a breakdown in relationship with God, yourself and others, the stage is set for all the toxic mind-sets that cause disease! So just like in a game of chess, in one strategic move the devil got “check mate” – just by attacking your relationship with your father!
This one issue of a breakdown in relationship with God the father because of the damage done by our earthly father is big in disease – in fact it is the foundation of over seventy major incurable illnesses!
You are not alone!
If you have a breach in your relationship with God because of the failure of your earthly father to represent Him, you may think that you are the only one. I want you to know that you are not alone in the void, the fear, the rejection and the pain that runs so deep that has been there from your childhood. Pastors and doctors who teach this subject in conferences all over the world ask the audience this question, “How many of you growing up as children do not remember your earthly father saying to you these words, “I love you”? Would you raise your hands.” What we have almost always found is that over 90% of people raise their hands. In one audience, there were 26 different nations present and 95% of them raised their hands because they had never heard their earthly father say those words. This is in every church in the world.
Say those three special words
One Zimbabwean girl said to the pastor in a conference, “In all my entire life, even as a Christian, you are the first human being to look me in the eye and say those words, ‘I love you’. I’ve never heard those words in my entire life.”
There is a true story about a greeting card company who went into a prison. On Mother’s Day they decided to bring the men in prison cards to send out to their mothers. There was such a response from the men that they had to go back to the factory and get more cards just to keep up with the demand. Due to the success of this effort, on Father’s Day, they came back to the prison with cards for the inmates to send to their fathers. Not even one man came to get a Father’s Day card. Many of them had no idea who their fathers were. This is a tragedy that is in epidemic proportions in our society.

A call to the fathers
As a medical doctor who understands the significant impact that a father has on the health of his family, I urge the men in the Body of Christ to ensure that your homes are an oasis of peace and a safe haven for your wife and children. Your home should be your first church. Women were designed to follow a loving spiritual leader who demonstrates the Father heart of God to his family (Eph 5:25; 1 Peter 5:7). Until the men decide to be a mirror image of Heaven, as a father and a husband, we are stuck in every generation with over seventy major incurable diseases.
Some of the husbands and fathers need to get onto their knees before their wives and children and repent for having opened the door for the enemy to oppress their wives and children. If you would just do that, you would get rid of many of the diseases in your family and you would be spending less of your hard earned money on doctors. When a father repents to his children and when a husband repents to his wife, it is no exaggeration that the destiny of mankind is about to be changed. When the men finally decide to represent God the father to their children and represent the Lord Jesus as husband to their wives, a revival in healing is about to begin!
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