December 2015

It’s time to celebrate Christmas again – Praise the Lord! We are so grateful that we serve the one and only true God who sent Jesus Christ into this world to reconcile man to God and who left His Word and His Holy Spirit to guide us.In this Christmas issue we have compiled a host of informative and interesting articles that will not only enlighten you, but also provide a platform for you to share the Gospel in a relevant way with unsaved friends and family this Christmas.
- Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who Is He?
- Festive Facts About Christmas
- Christmas: How To Keep It Meaningful
- The JOY! Trip To Israel - October 2015
- The Middle East: The Dark Shadow Of The Arab Spring
- Victory Over Evil, Persecution and Even Illiteracy
- What To Make Of Homo Naledi
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Zephaniah
- Overcoming Your Fear Of Sharing The Gospel
- Gender Mainstreaming
- Freedom From Self-condemnation
- Learning To Be Content
- How The Human Body Is Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
- Gluten: Is It The Enemy? Am I Intolerant?
- Missing The Great Event - Nico Bougas
- A Spirit-Filled Christmas
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