December 2009

December is that wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the Birth of Jesus (though not on a specific date per say, but rather the event) and also reach out to friends and family with the Good News of the saving power of the Messiah.In this Christmas issue we have compiled a host of informative and interesting articles that will not only enlighten you, but also provide a platform for you to share the Gospel in a relevant way with unsaved friends and family.
- The Joy Of Our Inheritance In Christ
- Jesus: The Greatest Gift of All Time
- The Virgin Birth
- The Spanish Inquisition
- The 7th Commandment: Do Not Commit Adultery
- Autism & Asperger Syndrome: What You Need To Know
- Cultivating Meaningful Friendships
- Creating Christian Family Traditions This Christmas
- Miracle Healing Testimony
- You Were Born For This: Living a Life of Miracles
- Proclaiming The Kingdom By Caring For The Aged
- Innocence Lost: My Pastor Raped Me
- Church Bloopers
- The Potential of Proclamation
- Widowed For Christmas
- Recognition Of A God-Inspired Idea
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November 2009

This issue of JOY! has been tough to compile,as there are so many important topics that we need to address. Sometimes it can make the magazine quite heavy reading - but we must remember that we are in a war and that God has called us to contend for the faith. That often means speaking up against injustice and dangerous agendas.That said, we have something for everyone to enjoy and encourage you to buy the November issue before it sells out!
- Jonty Rhodes: Living With Epilpesy
- Euthanasia: Paying to Die!
- Polygamy: Challenging the Christian Worldview on Marriage
- Evolution: The Debate Continued...
- Become a Biblical Mother-in-law
- Protect Your Family From Internet Porn
- Recognise The Mate God Has Approved for You
- Are You Feeling Disconnected In Your Marriage?
- Did Jesus Wear Designer Robes: The Prosperity Gospel in Africa
- The Work of satan In The Believer
- I Survived An Abusive Father: Jenny May Hudson
- The Minefield of Ethical Compromise in Business
- The Dominion Mandate: Errol Naidoo
- Power From On High
- Robbed of Parenthood
- How Much Can One Church Endure?
- Preach The Simple Gospel: Angus Buchan
- The Sixth Commandment
And much more!

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October 2009

This October issue of JOY! Magazine is jam packed with interesting, exciting and challenging articles - something for the whole family. JOY! serves the entire Body of Christ - from mainline through to charismatic churches - all with one goal - to preach the Word of God uncompromised and to teach Christians a Biblical Worldview.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE:
- Joseph and Wendy Prince: All About Grace
- When Christianity Appears Cultish
- Discover Your Spiritual Temperament
- Meet Joel and Victoria Osteen
- Suicice: An Unforgivable Sin?
- New Anglican Group Formed
- Satan's Work in The Church
- The Christian and His Money
- Is Lobola Christian?
- Your Assignment
- Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World: Lausanne Global Conversation
- Help, I Struggle With Anxiety!
- The 5th Commandment: Honour Your Parents
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September 2009

It is hard to believe that this year is almost finished! It is actually quite scary how time flies - and yet - it is exciting to know that every day that passes brings us closer to seeing the return of the Lord. That is why as Christians we must be ready, in season and out, to preach (and live) the Word of God. Everyday people are dying and going to we need to wake up and reach out.Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others and snatch them from the fire!
- Chris Tomlin: Exclusive Interview With The Worship Leader
- Where Is The Church?
- All About Alzheimer's
- Influential Women In The Bible
- Did Darwin Recant?
- The Fourth Commandment: Honour the Lord's Day
- Does My Child Have ADHD?
- Orthdox Religion Stifling The Great Commission?
- Gap Year Options: Making Your Life Matter
- Chinese, Japanese, Christianese?
- The Anglican Crisis Continued
- Listening
- Saving Zimbabwe
- The Fall Of The Iron Curtain: 20 Years On What It Teaches Us Today
- Topsy Turvy Kingdoms

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August 2009

August celebrates Women's Month and we honour women in this issue with a range of inspiring articles and interviews. Our cover story Angela Thomas shares the love and grace of God through her testimony as a single mom for many years. Her story is a modern day fairytale and we are sure you will be blessed.There are several great features guaranteed to bless the entire family.

- Angela Thomas: Woman of Grace
- The Anglican Crisis!
- Retrenched! What Now?
- Religion vs Christianity
- Obesity & Me
- When Christians Are Divided
- The Origin of Evil
- The Truth About The Crusades
- The Third Commandment: Honour the Lord's Name
- Can Christians Be Demon-Possessed?
- Tim Storey on Utmost Living
- Where is The Power of The Cross
- Encouragement Changes Everything
- Woman of Peace or Pieces?
- My Weaknesses Outweight My Strength. Help!
- The Law of Recognition
- Worshippers at Heart: Brian Doerksen
- Discernment: Angus Buchan
- Far From God?
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July 2009

This July issue of JOY! Offers something for everyone - from a cover feature on the value of mentorship (by the Houstons) through to a balanced opinion piece on Male Depression and Destigmatising Mental Illness. We encourage you this chilly winter season to snuggle up to the fire, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy hours of blessed Christian reading from your JOY! Magazine.
- The Blessing of Mentorship: The Houstons
- The Second Commandment: Do Not Worship False Idols
- Male Depression
- Destigmatising Mental Illness
- Discerning False Ministries
- Bless Your Children
- Christianity In Need Of Christ
- Bless Your Children: How To Parent With Grace
- I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel
- How Do I Start A Ministry
- My Camino Walk: A Journey Through Spain
- 500 Years of John Calvin
- Drakensberg Choir
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June 2009

Can you believe that we are half way through the year already? It is scary how time flies! Especially because we as Christians know the value of time and just how precious it is. Eternity awaits us, and it is critical that we use our time wisely doing the Lord's Will.For Father's Day we have several sizzling topics in the new JOY! on sale now. Get your copy NOW and better yet, subscribe to JOY! as a father's day gift - your dad will be so grateful for his monthly dose of spiritual food.
- Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Band interview
- Angus Buchan's Medical Miracle
- Catholic Leaders Rebuke Tony Blair for inappropriate comments
- Is Christian Politics Dead in South Africa?
- Why the Secular Left Despise the Christian Right
- God's Heart on Marriage and Divorce
- Be Filled With The Spirit
- The Scarlet Thread of Redemption
- Your Business in Difficult Times
- Miss California Loses Her Crown Because of Christian Beliefs
- Men of Honor
- Living Oceans Apart (Emigration)
- Unconditional Love
- Office Wars: Dealing with Organisational Politics
- My Father's Love
- Rage to Act: Christian Compassion Needed
- The Law of Recognition: The Holy Spirirt's Voice

And many more other interesting news pieces.
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May 2009

Just in time for Mother's Day this May, we have put together an uplifting issue filled with stories for the whole family.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Christians in a Life & Death Struggle: 4 Lies the Church Must Face
- Shocking Revelation for Western Cape Schools (Evolution Scandal)
- Bishops: Christian Education Crisis
- Blasphemy in the Media
- The Value of a Christian Education
- Dedicating your Children to God
- The Existence of Fire-Breathing Dragons
- Church Wake Up!
- Motherhood: A Noble Calling
- Women in Minstry
- Age is Just a Number!
- Overcoming Childhood Anxiety
- The Law of Recognition: Mike Murdock
- Life on the Line: Exciting Testimony of Evangelist Des Sinclair
- Know Your Bible: Teaching

April 2009

Our April (Easter) issue for 2009 is filled with exciting stories that are guaranteed to make you think!A must read is the Biblical Voter's Guide which helps you make an informed, Biblically sound decision as to how to vote in the upcoming elections.
- Contend For the Faith
- The Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality
- Human Slavery, Prostitution & 2010
- Solving the Heartache of Singles
- Work with your Strenths: Love your Job!
- Resurrection Power
- Oscars Cultural Pigsty
- Living with Motor Neurone Disease


- Die Naakte Waarheid
- Sinder Sy Wil (Angus Buchan)
- Paasfees

February/March 2009

What a blessed issue of JOY! this is! Exciting interviews, testimonies, teachings and of course challenging articles - all ensuring you get joy in your life!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE:

- Zimbabwe: What Would Jesus Do?
- Should Christians Seek Professional Help?
- The Blood Covenant
- The Amazing Coming Revival
- Sharks Rugby Player, Jaques Botes Testimony
- The Purpose & Power of Marriage: Myles Munroe
- Grace: Louis Giglio
- Salt & Light
- Holy Spirit Fire: Reinhard Bonnke
- God Does Not Use People
- Educating Your Children for Life
- World Mission Centre

- Hou Jou Kop Skoon
- Die Maand van Liefde