October 2009

This October issue of JOY! Magazine is jam packed with interesting, exciting and challenging articles - something for the whole family. JOY! serves the entire Body of Christ - from mainline through to charismatic churches - all with one goal - to preach the Word of God uncompromised and to teach Christians a Biblical Worldview.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE:
- Joseph and Wendy Prince: All About Grace
- When Christianity Appears Cultish
- Discover Your Spiritual Temperament
- Meet Joel and Victoria Osteen
- Suicice: An Unforgivable Sin?
- New Anglican Group Formed
- Satan's Work in The Church
- The Christian and His Money
- Is Lobola Christian?
- Your Assignment
- Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World: Lausanne Global Conversation
- Help, I Struggle With Anxiety!
- The 5th Commandment: Honour Your Parents
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