September 2009

It is hard to believe that this year is almost finished! It is actually quite scary how time flies - and yet - it is exciting to know that every day that passes brings us closer to seeing the return of the Lord. That is why as Christians we must be ready, in season and out, to preach (and live) the Word of God. Everyday people are dying and going to we need to wake up and reach out.Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others and snatch them from the fire!
- Chris Tomlin: Exclusive Interview With The Worship Leader
- Where Is The Church?
- All About Alzheimer's
- Influential Women In The Bible
- Did Darwin Recant?
- The Fourth Commandment: Honour the Lord's Day
- Does My Child Have ADHD?
- Orthdox Religion Stifling The Great Commission?
- Gap Year Options: Making Your Life Matter
- Chinese, Japanese, Christianese?
- The Anglican Crisis Continued
- Listening
- Saving Zimbabwe
- The Fall Of The Iron Curtain: 20 Years On What It Teaches Us Today
- Topsy Turvy Kingdoms

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