January 2009

Start the new year full of the joy of the Lord and the light of His Word. JOY! is your monthly dose of Godly articles and feature stories.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Exclusive Fireproof Movie Review
- Why Post-modernism is Uprooting the Church
- Beware of False Teachings: Miki Hardy
- Christian Character
- The Will of God
- Infertility: stories of heartache, hope and happiness
- Super 60's, Actively Involved
- Killer Culture: Who is Selling Sex & Rebellion to Teens
- The Scientific Heritage of Christianity (Creation)
- Our Way or God's Way?
- Why the Church Needs Trained Ministers

- Finansies in Jou Huwelik
- Alles Werk Ten Goede Mee: Angus Buchan