The Value of a Christian Education

The Value of a Christian Education
Cheryl Douglas (a teacher at Bishops) and reportedly one of the managers of this Atheistic project says certain myths about evolution and natural selection as well as “proof” of such processes will be taught. Apparently teachers will be taught strategies to teach evolution effectively. Douglas further claims the reason why the broader public remains skeptical about evolution is because of the lack of necessary information.
This report is saddening when one looks at Bishops‘ spirituality statement. Hereunder a few extractions from their website:
“Ideals towards which we strive:
•      Our pupils will know, worship and love God who is the foundation of our lives.
•      Cherish God’s creation, seeing it as an integrated and indivisible whole…
•      As an Anglican Church School we follow the Christian way, aiming to live/learn the values of Jesus Christ, and to bear the fruit of the Spirit.
•      Believe and trust in God the Father who made the world.
•      God the Creator of the world calls us to treat His creation with reverence and to be good stewards of this world and its precious resources.”
At the heart of Diocesan College, physically and spiritually, is the Church. The School was founded by Robert Gray – the first Anglican Bishop of Cape Town in 1849 who provided Christian education to boys in the fast-expanding Cape Colony.
Gray’s vision of Bishops being “a great engine for the extension of the Pure faith of Christ” is under threat! JOY! requested an urgent interview either face to face or via email with the outgoing headmaster, Grant Nupen, to discuss this matter. He declined, stating that three full days was not sufficient time for him or Cheryl Douglas to answer the questions. I quote Mr Nupen:
“Bishops is aware of the difficulties involved in the theory of evolution into the curriculum. Mrs Douglas is a highly skilled and experienced teacher of Biology who will carefully train teachers to be sensitive to such difficulties. Good education is needed in these matters and students must be given a balanced introduction to enable them to understand the issues and thereby make an informed personal opinion.” The following questions are what I posed to Mr Nupen and Mrs Douglas.
•      Are you a practicing Biblical Christian?
•      What are your personal views on Creation and a Creator?
•      What are your personal views on Evolution?
•      It is stated that you are concerned that certain myths about evolution and natural selection need to be cleared up and taught accurately. Are you aware that Evolution is an unproven theory?
•      It is stated that you claim that the reason why the broader public remains skeptical about evolution is because they lack necessary information. Are you implying that  every Christian Academic, Scientist, Minister and Teacher are ill-informed or lacking adequate academic teaching?
•      Will Evolution be taught as a science or as an Atheistic Religion?
•      Into which subjects and grades has it been introduced?
•      Are parents aware of what is being taught to their children?
•      Were parents consulted about their opinion in this regard?
•      Will you be paid to manage this project?
•      Is Bishops’ Governing Body in agreement with the teaching of Evolution at the school?
•      Is the Anglican Church still the Spiritual oversight at Bishops?
•      Have they given their approval and endorsement to this project being taught at Bishops?
Unfortunately Bishops is one of the many hundreds of schools implementing this programme. We urge Christian parents to voice their concerns and to pray. 