December 2006

We were given the gift of eternal life, brought to us at an appointed time, by an appointed messenger of the Lord. This Christmas season, share His free gift of Salvation. As you read this new JOY! issue, we trust that you'll be inspired to celebrate the New Year, God-style!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE:
- The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
- Adriaan Vlok - "South Africa, Please Forgive Me."
- Desperate - The State of Our Police Force
- Jesus My Deliverer
- Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style - God's Style
- The Biblical Significance of the Washing of the Feet
- Help! I Suffer From Road Rage
- The Battle of the Mind
- Real Life, Real Christianity - Facing Taboos in the Church
- MXit - All You Need to Know
- Alone but Not Lonely
- Enjoy Your Holiday But Don't Take a Break From God
- Modern-Day Joseph in Madagascar
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August 2006

The theme of this 3rd issue of JOY! is the elderly. We want to celebrate and bless all our seniour citizens, parents and grandparents. We have inherited so much from them and have enjoyed a beautiful world becasue of them, so let's take time this month to reach out and to thank them.Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others and snatch them from the fire!
- Angus Buchan - Faith Like Potatoes
- Hollywood Religion
- The Blessing of Grandparents
- Torn Apart by Divorce
- Going on a GAP Year?
- Madonna - Blasphemy
- The Wisdom of Grey Hair
- Evangelising the Elderly
- A Lifetime of Love Together
- The Only Perfect Love
- Graduation- Now What?
- Disciples of God - D.O.G. Unity
- A Deeper Life - Casting Crowns

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June 2006

For Father's Day we have several sizzling topics in the new JOY! on sale now. We look at God as our Father and we look at our earthly fathers and their role to build confident children.Get your copy NOW and better yet, subscribe to JOY! as a father's day gift - your dad will be so grateful for his monthly dose of spiritual food.
- Dad- More Than Just a Breadwinner
- Fathers who Build Confident Children
- God - Father to the Fatherless
- IRAN - The Coming Holy War
- Power from On High
- The Da Vinci Delusion
- The Gospel of Judas Betrays the Truth
- Traditional Marriages - Who Will Rise to Defend it?
- What's So Amazing About Philip Yancey?
- Christian's and Alternative Medicine
- The 3rd Mighty men's Conference
- Restoring God's Sovereignty in South Africa
- Eagle Encounters

And many more other interesting news pieces.
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April 2006

It is our second issue of JOY! and this month we look at the Biblical Perspective of Bullying, we also look at an interesting story about Muslims and how God lifts their veils and it is our responsibility to reach out to them. Jordan Rubin, Health Evangelist, shares his testimony with us and his struggle to have a healthy life.Make sure you get your copy of JOY! filled with great articles and gripping news.
- Bullying - A Biblical Perspective
- Hi-jacked! My Traumatic Experience
- God Lifted My Veil
- Mary Magdalene - Meet the Real Friend and Follower of Jesus
- Jordan Rubin - The Health Evangelist
- Stem Cells - A view From a Wheelchair
- transformation at Olmos Prison
- Minds, Morals and Movies
- When Silence is Golden
- What Shapes the Family
- The Chrisitian Survival Guide to Life on the University Campus.
- The Root of the Problem
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March 2006

JOY! magazine is prepared and willing to act as a unified voice in our country and to address head-on, the issues that  affect our Christian world. Just as all of us at JOY! need to work well together and worship together, each family requires a foundation of worship which will strengthen and uplift each of its members. We cover many more interesting topics.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- The Strength of The Family
- Starved of Friendship
- The Colour of Love
- Lead Me Not Into Temptation
- Swiss Hospitals Agree to Help Kill Patients
- Hands of Compassion
- Is 'TIK' Consuming Your Child and Family
- God Opens and Closes Doors
- You Cannot Have Morality Without Having the Bible
- Starving For Friendship
- The Importance of Ascension Day
- Scientists who Changed the World
- Changing Colour: An Artist's Story
- The Hypocrisy of the Secular Press
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