August 2006

The theme of this 3rd issue of JOY! is the elderly. We want to celebrate and bless all our seniour citizens, parents and grandparents. We have inherited so much from them and have enjoyed a beautiful world becasue of them, so let's take time this month to reach out and to thank them.Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others and snatch them from the fire!
- Angus Buchan - Faith Like Potatoes
- Hollywood Religion
- The Blessing of Grandparents
- Torn Apart by Divorce
- Going on a GAP Year?
- Madonna - Blasphemy
- The Wisdom of Grey Hair
- Evangelising the Elderly
- A Lifetime of Love Together
- The Only Perfect Love
- Graduation- Now What?
- Disciples of God - D.O.G. Unity
- A Deeper Life - Casting Crowns

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