December 2006

We were given the gift of eternal life, brought to us at an appointed time, by an appointed messenger of the Lord. This Christmas season, share His free gift of Salvation. As you read this new JOY! issue, we trust that you'll be inspired to celebrate the New Year, God-style!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE:
- The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
- Adriaan Vlok - "South Africa, Please Forgive Me."
- Desperate - The State of Our Police Force
- Jesus My Deliverer
- Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style - God's Style
- The Biblical Significance of the Washing of the Feet
- Help! I Suffer From Road Rage
- The Battle of the Mind
- Real Life, Real Christianity - Facing Taboos in the Church
- MXit - All You Need to Know
- Alone but Not Lonely
- Enjoy Your Holiday But Don't Take a Break From God
- Modern-Day Joseph in Madagascar
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