February/March 2007

God never planned for us to just exist and become pride-filled, to take creation for granted and do what we want in the time allocated to us. This issue will challenge you to live a life that pleases God and shines a light to non-believers around us, living for a greater purpose.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSSUE:
- Meet John and Lisa Bevere
- God, Government and the Ten Commandments
- School Sports Spiralling Out of Control
- Canned Lion Hunting - A National Disgrace
- The Myth of ADD Biblically Redefined
- Reviving the Christian Work Ethic
- Discipline or Disorder
- Designer Babies
- Pastor Won't Marry Us
- Five Moral Fences
- Divorce - Arch-Enemy and Destroyer of our Social Stability
- Reaching the World for Jesus
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