March 2006

JOY! magazine is prepared and willing to act as a unified voice in our country and to address head-on, the issues that  affect our Christian world. Just as all of us at JOY! need to work well together and worship together, each family requires a foundation of worship which will strengthen and uplift each of its members. We cover many more interesting topics.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- The Strength of The Family
- Starved of Friendship
- The Colour of Love
- Lead Me Not Into Temptation
- Swiss Hospitals Agree to Help Kill Patients
- Hands of Compassion
- Is 'TIK' Consuming Your Child and Family
- God Opens and Closes Doors
- You Cannot Have Morality Without Having the Bible
- Starving For Friendship
- The Importance of Ascension Day
- Scientists who Changed the World
- Changing Colour: An Artist's Story
- The Hypocrisy of the Secular Press
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