May 2011

This month we celebrate Mothers - so don't forget to bless your mom with a JOY! gift subscription for Mother's Day.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Jennifer Rothschild: One Woman’s Incredible Vision
- Skeptics Answered: Does God Cause Natural Disasters?
- A Civilisation in Crisis
- Our Call to Commitment
- The War For The Millennial Generation: J. Lee Grady
- Christ the Healer
- ‘Sleep’. What Happens When We Die?
- The Bondage Breaker
- The New Covenant Series: Part Three
- Message From Jesus
- Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree
- King David: The Atonement Story
- Faith @ Work: Tehillah Art
- Self Sabotage
- Counselling - at the Heart of Discipleship
- The 4/14 Window: Reaching Children for Christ
- The Divorce Safari

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