June 2011

Rob Bell's latest book has caused a huge stir on the international stage, with Christian theologians coming out in full force against the book. What does it say? How does it confirm or contradict the Bible? Read our JUNE Father's Day issue for all the answers. Don't miss out on this one!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Rob Bell: No Hell
- Universalism as a Lure? The Emerging Case of Rob Bell
- What is Universalism?
- The Dangers of Post-Modern Theology
- What is God’s Purpose with False Teaching? John Piper
- Skeptics Answered: What About Hypocrites in The Church?
- The New Covenant Series: Part Four
- The New Jerusalem
- A Cruel Punishment: Amazing Testimony of a Prisoner on Death Row
- A Sweet Surprise is Hidden inside Your Worst Trial: J. Lee Grady
- Father’s Teach Your Children
- Lessons from a ‘Stay @ Home’ husband
- Branded By Grace: Chippy Brand
- The Rocks Speak of Him
- Explore Paternoster
- Christian Camping
- A Year of Living Adventurously: Gap Year Feature
- A Sub 3 Hour Argus and The Tour de Boland: Cycle4JOY!
- The Value of Psychological Assessments
- Walking in Victory

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