April 2011

Easter is the most sacred time of the Christian Calendar. It is a time that we worship and adore Christ for His sacrifice on the Cross - His death that bought us eternal life. It is a time that we commit ourselves to His service, and that we spread the Gospel of Good News. Buy your JOY! Magazine this Easter and use it as an evangelism tool for reaching others.
- How Do We Know Jesus is Alive?
- How the Resurrection Broke Eden's Curse
- The Middle East Crisis: A Wake-up Call to Christians
- St Patrick: Not the Patron Saint of Pubs!
- Top 10 Influential Christian Leaders
- The Lost Art of Respect
- The Way of Balaam: Anglican Theologian Speaks Out on False Teachings
- Resurrection is the Blessed Hope
- Tackling the Spread of Pornography
- The Motivational Gifts
- A Heartfelt Plea from a Non-believing Daughter
- Dare2Share: Intimacy tips for Your Marriage
- Forgiveness: Our Lenten Burial

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