February/March 2011

It is the month of LOVE...! And our prayer at JOY! Magazine is that you will know the Father's love for you. The unconditional love of God - so much so, that He sent His son to die for you. Wow. What a mighty God we serve!! With technology taking over the world (and being responsible for governments toppling as we have seen in Egypt recently) we have put together a great Cover story with Craig & Amy Groeschel - the Tech Savvy pastors. Read about them in the Feb/March issue on sale NOW!
- The Christian Atheist
- Christianity & Psychology: Are they Mutually Compatible?
- Skeptics Answered Series: Is Religion a Crutch for the Weak?
- Healing Spiritual Wounds
- My Miracle Healing
- Dignify Your Trials: RT KendallĀ 
- Dealing with Discouragement
- Bobbie Houston: Uniting a Sisterhood
- Wisdom and Understanding
- The Fatal Flaw with Radio Active Dating
- Your Words Have Power
- Solving the Root Cause of Drug Abuse

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