January 2011

The New Year is officially here! And JOY! is rearing to go. We have spent time praying and trusting God for all the exciting things He is going to do in and through our magazine this year. We thank you for your support and encourage all of our readers to PLEASE take a subscription out - as we really need the ongoing monthly support, as opposed to relying on secular shops that get offended with our message.
- Errol Naidoo: Standing up for Faith, Family & Freedom
- Raising the Dead
- Moral Absolutes: It's Not All Relative
- Skeptics Answered Series: Jesus on Trial
- God has a Gentle Side
- Transcendental Meditation in Our Schools
- Reclaiming the Forgotten Timothy Principle
- Angus Buchan list of Events Countrywide
- Faith for Daily Living
- Persistent Prayer
- How to be a Positive Person
- Summiting your Own Everest: The Story of Alex Harris
- What's Really in the Fossil Record

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