Dear Friend,

Things that are impossible in the natural are made easy when our Lord is at work.  He shines His glorious light on hopeless situations and drives the darkness away.   The testimony that follows is one such instance.  Having lived in pain for almost fifty years, Aletta had almost given up hope – almost!  I trust you enjoy her story.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to connect people with this wondrous Jesus.  Matthew 5 v 13 describes us as the salt of the earth.  What an interesting comparison!  Why would Jesus specifically refer to Christians as salt?  On doing some research into the uses of salt – it in fact has over 14 000 known uses – one finds that comparing believers to salt is most appropriate.

Firstly, salt enhances FLAVOUR, thereby promoting an appetite or desire for foodstuffs.  Indeed, we as believers must promote a desire for God in others, making them aware of their need for the same peace, joy and love that flow from being reconciled to God.  Secondly, salt acts as a PRESERVATIVE.  Indeed, we are called to preserve holiness and righteousness in this world, directing people towards good and away from evil.  Thirdly, salt has the ability to MELT COLDNESS.  Christians, through the love shining in their words and actions, are to melt the hardness around human hearts, giving the Holy Spirit a gap to transform lives.  Lastly, salt is used to DESTROY BACTERIA and HEAL WOUNDS.  Yes indeed, Christians are called to drive the darkness out of lives, casting out demons and healing the sick in the name of Jesus, whether such illness is of a physical, mental or emotional nature.

What a perfect comparison – salt and the believer.  Let us continue more fervently than ever before, to be the salt of Christ in the life of every person we encounter!  You are welcome to contact me with any questions or feedback via Facebook (Tamryn Klintworth) or to visit www.inhisname.org.za for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours for Africa to be saved,

Tamryn Klintworth
In September 2010, In His Name Ministries held a crusade in Retreat, Cape Town. The testimony below tells the story of an elderly Zulu woman who received a healing touch from her Lord and Saviour.

The woman danced on the stage, her face transfixed in a permanent grin of rapturous joy.  Short and round, she jived with natural African rhythm and a blessed assurance of having received complete deliverance from the pain that had tormented her for almost five decades.  Breaking into song, she began to sing a traditional Zulu tune with delightful exuberance, glorifying Christ her Redeemer, the Healer of her body, the Saviour of her soul.  The crowd rejoicing, Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth raised her hands and praised God together with her.  A voluminous wave of thanksgiving mounted to the throne room of heaven, the praises sung infiltrating the depths of hell, reminding Satan of his humiliation and enforcing his utter defeat.

The name of the dancing woman is Aletta.  She is 68-years-old and has not walked freely without pain since 1962.  Giving birth to four children resulted in her struggling against all the agony and fragility caused by slipped discs in her lower back.  Neither doctors nor medication could rectify the damage nor alleviate the pain.  Being on pension, her limited finances made seeking further treatment impossible.  With all four of her children and their families living in the same home, Aletta held the responsibility of doing the housework and caring for the five grandchildren – ranging in ages from one to seven years – in order to allow the others to continue either working or seeking employment.  With the pain becoming increasingly overwhelming and her strength failing her, her need for a miraculous intervention had become desperate and intense.

As news of the crusade spread through her community, she was filled with a divine hope.  It was said that God would be present to heal, that an encounter with His wondrous grace was a fixed appointment for all who came.  Arriving at the Saturday evening meeting, Aletta hobbled painfully and found a place to sit in the throng.  The Gospel message having been preached with its characteristic sin-destroying might, Evangelist Tamryn began to minister to the sick.  Coming forward for prayer, Aletta stood in the line with eyes tightly closed.  Her turn having come, her faith met with that power-packed prayer, such effecting an explosion of healing as a spark ignites dynamite.  Driving the pain before His flaming touch, the Holy Spirit raced through her body.  Collapsing to the floor under the presence of the God, she awoke to find her back restored to full movement and flexibility, the pain having disappeared before a rising floodtide of Holy Spirit power!

Being a member of her church choir, she shares her eagerness to proclaim her testimony the very next Sunday at her own place of worship.  “Jesus has set me free!  Thank you Jesus!” she declares.  “If I was not so old,” she continues, “I would travel with you and give my testimony in each crusade!”  Her face electric with joy, she leaves the venue at the service conclusion still bouncing with happiness, her rich voice undulating in song.  What a wondrous Jesus we serve!  We glorify Him who breathes forth stars of fire, yet whose true delight consists in lovingly intervening in the affairs of men!

Tamryn is the founder of In His Name Ministries, an evangelistic organisation dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa and the world.  Find her on Facebook under Tamryn Klintworth or visit the ministry website at: www.inhisname.org.za