September/October 2007

Spring is almost in the air and with it comes a new season of refreshing, growth, regeneration and joy. Hopefully from reading JOY! each month you will experience the same process: refreshing from the Word, growth from challenging articles, regeneration from Spirit-filled, Bible based teaching and joy from being part of the greater Body of Christ. This month we have exciting articles for you including:KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Willie and Natasha Joubert- United in Love and Purpose
- Dobson Officially Denounces Harry Potter
- The Battle for Your Bibles
- Knock Knock, who's There? Jehovah's Witnesses
- Help - I'm a Hypocrite
- Every Step Helps - Building a Healthy Stepfamily
- Not Ashamed of the Gospel
- The Legacy of One Man
- John, Jesus' Trusted Disciple
- 'I Do' Means Forever
- Restoring Wholeness - The Promise of God

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