November 2010

Get your copy of our Novemeber magazine ASAP! We have a free CD inside every copy and this issue is jam-packed with exciting news, interviews and Christian teachings. Beth Moore is our cover story, speaking of her triumph in Christ over insecurity. A must read for all men, women and teens.
- Beth Moore: So Long Insecuirty!
- Virtual Adultery: Protect Yourself!
- Discipline in Step-Families
- What Proof Do You Have that The Bible is The Word of God?
- Christian Apathy
- Info on Cancer Counselling
- Materialism: A Minefield of Temptation
- Inclusivity: Are We Loving People to Death?
- Preaching a Different Gospel?
- Should Christians Donate Their Organs?
- Christian Confession
- Finding a Life of Significance
- Help, I'm Obsessed with My Weight!
- Eating to Combat an Underactive Thyroid
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