May 2023

The May issue of JOY! Magazine is now on sale

Our latest issue of JOY! is bursting at the seams with biblical content that will encourage, inspire, and educate all our loyal readers. For our cover story, we feature a powerful and incredibly personal interview with Herman Mashaba, a politician who is seeking to bring God back into our country.

Other important articles in this issue include a section on mental health, asking questions such as “What does it mean to guard your heart?”, “Am I a weak Christian if I have to get help for my mental health?”, “What is biblical happiness?”, as well as an encouraging feature on 3 ways to win the battle for your mind. We also share some topical features on the end times, including an infographic on Europe, as well as on transhumanism (and what the Bible says about this).

As always, we seek to report on real life, real people, and real Christianity. Our magazine is filled with devotions, testimonies, reader participation, competitions, and more. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal issue!

Cover Story:
– Herman Mashaba: Standing Up For A Brighter Future In South Africa

– Who’s In The News
– General Christian News And Updates
– Legal Battles & Freedom Of Religion In The West

Feature Stories:
– Excellence: Myth Or Reality?
– Europe: Signs Of The Times?
– The Great Apostasy
– Transhumanism And The Image Of God
– The ‘I Am’ Statements Of Jesus In Revelation
– The Fear Of The Lord – Ray Comfort
– What Does It Mean To Guard Your Heart?
– Am I A Weak Christian If I Have To Get Help For My Mental Health?
– 3 Steps To Avoid Making Dangerous Decisions
– 3 Ways To Win The Battle For Your Mind
– How To Respond To Hurtful Comments
– Julanie J: Born To Sing
– Wrong Detox Can Lead To Retox!
– Yes, You Can Be Your Energetic Self Again!
– The Secret To Speedy Healing Of Septic Wounds

Missions & Testimonies:
– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– Revival In A Time Of War
– The Widows Of Mozambique
– ‘One Day, All Our Tears Will Be Wiped Away…’

– Editor’s Note – Please Help Us
– Becoming Like Christ In A Godless World – Tendai Chitsike
– Your Labour Is Not In Vain – Grant & Theunisina Neyt
– A New Day Of Pentecost: Part 5
– Tips To Practice Intentional Gratitude
– 3 Points To Ponder – Gawie De Lange
– A Devoted Citizen Gets Along With Others – Chris Mathebula

– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, & Colouring In
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Characters Of The Bible: Hannah
– The Parables Of Jesus: The Wide And Narrow Gates

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