June 2023

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In this issue of JOY! Magazine, we highlight the faith journey of country icon Dolly Parton. Be encouraged as you read about her heart for the Lord, and how she is standing firm on God’s Word. Other important articles in this issue include a feature on suicide, depression, and grief – equipping readers with practical advice to keep you strong and comforted. We also share an uplifting teaching on Bible characters who inspire us to be brave no matter the circumstance.

Other notable articles in this issue include parenting advice on how to set Godly examples for your children, as well as how to handle disrespectful children. We also share an interesting article on Gen Z’s mental health issues, and advice to overcome this. We leave our readers uplifted, encouraged, and inspired in their faith as we share powerful content on the 10 Commandments, a sermon about passing on the basics of our Christian faith, and a devotion encouraging us to become more Christ-like in all that we do.

As always, we seek to report on real life, real people, and real Christianity. Our magazine is filled with devotions, testimonies, reader participation, competitions, and more. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal issue!

Cover story:
– Dolly Parton Beyond The Glitz: The Faith Of A Country Icon

– Who’s In The News
– General Christian News And Updates
– Your Right To Express Your Religious Beliefs

Feature stories:
– Worship Bands: Favourites From The 70s - 90s
– An Urgent Call To Be Alert – Dr Pearl Kupe
– The Basic Principles Of The Christian Faith
– 5 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us To Be Brave
– Examples Of Wholeheartedness: Caleb, Christ, & Calvin
– 10 Facts About The 10 Commandments
– Uprooted – An Artist’s Devotion
– Yielding To God For Inner Peace & Strength
– Understanding Biblical Hope
– How Do You Handle A Disrespectful Child?
– A World Confused
– Israel: 3300 Years Old & 75 Years Young!
– Celebrating The Legacy Of Dr Charles Stanley
– Dealing With Depression
– Dealing With Death & Grappling With Grief
– Gen Z’s Mental Health Crisis: A Spiritual Crisis

– Letters To The Editor
– Bible Fun: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, & Adult Colouring In
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Salvation Prayer
– Did You Know? Fun Biblical Facts
– Characters Of The Bible: Samuel
– The Parables Of Jesus: The Dishonest Manager (Luke 16)

– Editor’s Note – Building Our Houses Upon The Rock
– A Vital Part Of The Body Of Christ
– A New Day Of Pentecost: Part 6
– The Importance Of Serving Others
– Becoming Like Christ In A Godless World
– 3 Points To Ponder On Setting Godly Examples For Our Children – Gawie De Lange
– A Devoted Citizen Is A Peacemaker – Chris Mathebula

Missions & testimonies:
– CfaN School Of Evangelism: Rise Up, Johannesburg!
– ‘I Know It Was You Lord’ – Reader Testimony
– ‘I Leave Everything At The Feet Of Jesus’ – Open Doors
– Overcoming Family Trauma & Finding Forgiveness – Local Testimony

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