UPROOTED – Words from an artist

While I was working on this sketch, I felt the need to add the image of a broken flowerpot. In Afrikaans there is a saying, “Blom waar jy geplant is” – which means “flower where you are planted”. When you plant a fruit tree in a pot, initially it grows and thrives – it may even flower and bear some fruit – but there comes a time when the pot you planted it in becomes too small for this plant. If the plant is not replanted into a larger pot or directly into the ground, it will stop growing, stop flowering, and stop producing fruit.

You may find yourself in a season where you have grown comfortable in your own pot. You may have accomplished everything you were called to do, and God may have told you that it’s time to move on, but your comfort makes you unwilling to move. God wants you to grow and He knows that there will come a time when the pot you are in may begin to stunt your growth and stop you from bearing fruit.

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