Transhumanism and the image of God

Transhumanism is a movement that holds that scientific and technological advances can be used to improve humanity. For example, to increase lifespan, to get rid of diseases through gene modification, to implant electronic microchips for security purposes, or to monitor a person’s location, purchases, and movements. Some of this might seem only vaguely relevant to creation science apologetics. However, at its heart it is a godless movement, and ultimately is one that is justified by belief in evolution.

Those within the transhumanism movement seek to increase human’s mental, sensory, and physical capabilities, but this shows a failure to fully understand what it is to be human. Its advocates seek to use present technologies, such as embryonic gene editing technology, and information technology, together with emerging ones such as molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (these technologies are not necessarily wrong in themselves, but how they are used raises ethical issues for society)…

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