June 2014

For Father's Day we have several sizzling topics in the new JOY! on sale now. In this issue, we chat to medical doctor, executive producer, international speaker, businessman and veteran TV personality, Michael Mol about the influence his dad extended in his upbringing, the role Michael undertakes to lead his family and the impact that God the Father has in the couple’s lives.Get your copy NOW and better yet, subscribe to JOY! as a Father's day gift - your dad will be so grateful for his monthly dose of spiritual food.
- Michael Mol : Faithful Father, family Man
- Sir Isaac Newton: Christian, Scientist, Mathematician
- Open Doors: Central African Republic
- Oscar Pistorius - What Is The Christian Response?
- How The Media Is Sexualising Your Child
- The Time To Ask For God’s Mercy
- Men Of Honour: Your Hour Of Destiny
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Psalms
- When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough
- Burial Or Cremation: What Does The Bible Say?
- What Men In The Church Are Looking For...
- Walking With The Architect
- Pastor Tells Of Son’s Miraculous Rescue
- Flying For Life: Growing Young Minds
- 10 Reasons Why We Must Love Unlovable Church Members
- Emotional Eating
- Loneliness - A 21st Century Disease
- Restoration In Remarriage
- ‘You Can Begin Again’ - Joyce Meyer Book Extract
- From Domestic To Academic
- God, Gangs And The Gospel: Testimony Of A Mother
- Unanswered Prayers - Nico Bougas
- Loneliness Taxes Your Immune System - Dr Caroline Leaf
- International Artist Paul Baloche
- Kevin Knott: Live Worship In Switzerland

And many more other interesting news pieces.
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