July 2014

Do you also feel exasperated with the news headlines and events happening around us? Do you sometimes feel discouraged and shell-shocked at the blatant sin everywhere? Have you ever paused for a moment and thought ‘this can’t be true, it can’t get worse’...and then it does! How far is sin creeping into our homes and our societies?In this issue of JOY! we explore the truth of what it really means to serve a living God that provides us with living hope!
- Johnathan Macris, Missionary To The Greeks
- Noah Webster: Christian, Author, English Scholar
- South Africa, A Nation Divided Along Racial Lines
- Taking Action To Encourage Persecuted Believers
- The Fool Has Said In His Heart: ‘There Is No God’
- Arab And Jew Embrace In Jerusalem
- Marijuana For Medicinal Use, Yes Or No?
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Proverbs Part 1
- Our God Is Jealous
- God Is Still On His Throne
- Today Is The Day
- Is There Demonic Activity In The World Today?
- How To Pray When Under Demonic Attack
- City Mission
- Central South African Leadership Summit 2014
- How Successful People Grow
- One Life To Give - South Africa Needs Nurses
- Into Jesus’ Arms - Testimony Of A Family’s Loss And Faith
- Blessed Are The Stressed And Muffin-Topped
- Adolescents, Belonging And Substance Abuse
- Surprised By The Man On The Borrowed Donkey
- The Football Fans Discipleship Bible
- Embracing God’s Perfect Image - Dr Caroline Leaf
- One Voice Worship Experience
- Little Red Wagon: Movie Review
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