May 2014

This month we celebrate mothers and the vital role they have in our lives. As you read our cover story, we pray you will be deeply touched by the testimony of Katie Davis; her life demonstrates Christ’s compassion in action. This is also our Biblical voting and politics edition - another vital topic that we cannot ignore, especially in these days of unaccountability and lawlessness. Please pray for our country and its leaders.We value your support. Keep praying for the Church.
- Kisses From Katie
- Open Doors: Iraq Special Women’s Focus
- Did You Know? New Legislations In Parliament
- Cruel Tolerance
- Christians And Politics: How Should We Vote?
- How To Pray For Our Leaders
- Consecrated To God
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Job
- A Lifestyle Of Repentance
- Adoption: What Does The Bible Teach?
- Finding Your Way In The Parenting Jungle
- For Richer Or Poorer: Finances In Marriage
- The Confident Mom: Joyce Meyer
- My Pre-Mature Baby Testimony
- Hugs And Hope For Those Who Hurt
- Point Of Grace
- Winners Never Quit - Nico Bougas
- The Gift In You - Dr Caroline Leaf
- Neville D: The Beauty Of Difference
- The Final Word - Nurden Cross
- Everybody’s Talking About...
- Son Of God - Movie Review
- Movie Time : Go Tell
- The Ultimate Life: Movie Review
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