July 2013

This July Issue seems to focus on death and eternal life. We have a few articles that remind us that we have an allotted time on this earth and that we need to consider and use this time wisely. Eternity must be on our minds and we should not be afraid of what awaits us. Jesus has promised us eternal life in a place that He has prepared for us. A place of peace, rest and constant joy!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Rick Warren: Top 10 Most Influentials Leader Of All Time
- Greece And Turkey: JOY! Tour Report Back
- Evil Thrives In Lawless Sinai
- Bruce Wilkinson Launches New Programme In SA
- Syria: Although We Have Lost Everything, We Have Christ
- Interesting Facts About Israel
- Beware Of False Prophets! Bishop Denounces Apostle Paul
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Joshua
- Recognising The Voice Of God
- What The Gospel Is
- When Christians Die Of Cancer
- I Will Miss You Gladys
- Hope And A Future
- ...It Happened: Adultery
- Dealing With A Critical Spouse
- Like Father, Like Son
- Docks Mission, Celebrating 80 Years
- Youthbytes: Run The Race
- Prayer. A Powerful Weapon: Nico Bougas
- I Am A Father: Ps Peter Cornelius
- Nurden Cross: It’s Showtime
- Everybody’s Talking About
- International: Home Run
- Go Tell: Movie Time
- DVD Review: Meant To Be
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