August 2013

This issue of JOY! carries a few articles that once again remind us about the failing morals and evil that we are facing in society today. This leads me to ask: “How long can we Christians sit back and do nothing about it?” When will we stop tolerating the moral degradation taking place? What will it take to get us to react? Are we losing our saltiness? Is it not time to examine ourselves and our roles as custodians of the Word of God? Are we really allowing the Word to penetrate our hearts and minds?KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Christine Caine, Undaunted
- How To Stop A Church Gossip
- Love Like This is Almost Too Much...
- Rebuilding The Walls
- No More Spineless Christianity
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Judges
- Money Matters
- The Orphan Spirit And The Spirit Of Sonship
- Magic Or Miracle, Illusionists
- You Are Not An Accident
- Uel Maree: Faith Hero
- Dealing With Pent-up Pain
- Women Arise
- ‘Empty Nest’ Syndrome
- Ten Things To Speak Over Your Children
- The Dancing Dead In Africa
- Chad Daniel: Crazy, Cool, Christian
- Essential Ingredients : God Creates Great Things Out Of Our Mess
- Don’t Give Up: Nico Bougas
- Swimming Upstream: Angus Buchan
- The Rose Among The Thorns: Dr Christopher Peppler
- ‘Not Today’ Movie Review: Freeing The Enslaved
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