September 2013

What does one say to comfort those who have lost a loved one who is not saved? We have to be careful to bring words of Christian comfort without compromising the truth. One has to use sensitive words and phrases; we want to express love and sympathy yet we cannot give false hope.Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others!
- Bruce Wilkinson: Teaching The Nations
- Time Matters
- What Happened? ACDP
- Colombia: Everything Is Possible When In God’s Hands
- Compelling Reasons To Learn Church History
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Ruth
- Can Someone Be Saved Without A Commitment?
- The Widow’s Mite
- What Is Heaven Like?
- Why Does God Hate Divorce?
- I Struggle With Authority
- Marie Duddle: An Overcomer In Christ
- This Is My Testimony: Stella Mpisi
- Africa Publishing Co.
- Home Schooling: Turning Learning Into A Way Of Life
- Welcome To Cape Town Baptist Seminary
- Kids In Church
- The Big Cover Up: Nico Bougas
- Nurden Cross: Free. Dumb?
- Local Is Lekker: Sounds Of the Nations
- Everybody’s Talking About
- International: 1 Girl Nation
- Go Tell: Movie Time
- DVD Review: This Is Our Time
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