July 2010

We are steaming ahead to the end of the year, with 2010 proving to be a year full of excitement, sport and sadly several tragedies. Christians are called to walk by faith and not by sight, so we should not be moved by circumstances. Faith is such a critical factor in walking successfully with the Lord and this month you will find many articles in JOY! to inspire your faith.
- Aren't All Religions the Same?
- The World Cup Final: A Great and Terrible Day
- Media Bias: Evaluating what You Read
- The Road is Narrow
- Is Your Marriage Great or Just Good Enough? Gary & Barb Rosberg
- Liberalism: Air Conditioning Hell
- Conflict in the Workplace
- Marvels of Creation & Science
- The Lost Message of Consecration
- Biblical Faith, Part 2
- Where Have All the Burnt Stones Gone?
- The Thief Comes to Steal and Destroy
- God! Help Us
- Biblical Renaissance: Art From Africa
- Old Age is a Gift
- Imagine Jerusalem: Worship From the Holy Land

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