April 2012

In this issue of JOY! we explore the truth of what it really means to serve a living God. Celebrate Easter with us as we remember the death and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Jesus in the World
- JOY! Valentine's Day Cruise Report Back
- 12 Trends in a Healthy Church
- Captain Coward: Where Have all the Men Gone?
- Rhinos, Poaching, and Conservation
- The Resurrected Church
- Remembering the Forgotten
- Will Animals Be in Heaven?
- Mark Palmer: Your Daily 'Comedic' Dose
- The Edge of Paradise
- The Story
- In Awe
- Tourette's Syndrome Demystified
- Spina Bifida Miracle
- A Mother's Tribute
- Tears for my Bride
- Biblical Foods: Excellent Eggs
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