March 2012

This month we have a 'mind boggling' issue for our JOY! readers. Doctor Caroline Leaf gives us a scientific analysis of the brain and the interesting dominoe effects our thoughts truly have on our behaviour. A fascinating mixture of other interesting topics regarding forgiveness, sanctification, and humility, are a great read for parents and children alike. Don't miss out on this issue packed with interesting and thought provoking (literally) articles!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- The Science of Thought: Dr. Caroline Leaf
- Propganda: Dealing with Deceit
- Why Believe in Biblical Inerrancy
- Animisms, Ancestors and the ANC
- "Kidults" Adults Who Won't Grow Up
- Am I Standing in the Way?
- Faith@Work: Waterstone College
- Adopting the Mind of Christ: Joyce Meyer
- Learning to Forgive
- Hope For Africa: Christ for All Nations
- Gavan Levenson: Golfing4JOY!
- Retirement: Approaching the Golden Years
- Biblical Foods: Dates, A Delicacy
- Miss Teen: Mikaela Oosthuizen
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