Captain Coward

A ‘LifeSite News’ article about the capsising of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy recently caught my attention because of its unique perspective.  The media reported that ship captain, Francesco Schettino, who abandoned his ship, was ordered to return to his vessel by the Coast Guard. Apparently, Schettino responded by repeatedly lying and attempting to flee in a lifeboat.
A terrible tragedy

The writer asks the question, “What kind of man sneaks away under the cover of darkness from his own sinking ship, leaving nearly 4 200 passengers and crew to fend for themselves? What kind of men knock aside old ladies, little girls and young mothers to get to lifeboats first? Why, modern men, sexually emancipated men who have been raised on the tenets of feminism and our ‘contemporary’ mores.”

The Costa Concordia tragedy appears to have exposed the fault lines of the bankrupt ideology of secular humanism. The Women’s Liberation Movement aided and abetted by the liberal media have advanced a destructive ideology for more than five decades that sets women against men, dismantles the God-given institutions of marriage and the family, and diminishes the vital role of the father figure in the home.

A sign of the times
The awful consequences of the consistent emasculation of men in Western society were tragically manifested during the Costa Concordia disaster.
In the article entitled, ‘Captain Coward: Behold our brave new sexually emancipated world,’ the writer bemoans the feminist movement’s catastrophic influence on the Western world and in particular – men. He asks, “What can an expression like ‘women and children first’ mean to modern men who have been taught all their lives that women are nothing more precious than sexual playthings, and children nothing more than a disposable burden?”

A destructive cycle of selfishness
Tragically, men raised on a steady diet of pro-homosexual and feminist propaganda cannot be expected to respond to danger with chivalry and courage. Instead of opening the door for women, the sexually emancipated man rushes to the door to get out first. The contemporary politically, correct male cares only about his own needs, and views women as commodities who exist only for his sexual gratification.

This explains why pornography is a billion Dollar industry. The images in pornography are carefully choreographed to portray women as subservient sex objects. These images appeal to the narcissistic nature that defines the modern emasculated male.

A titantic failure
Self-sacrifice, masculine strength and valour are all virtues belonging to a bygone era when Judeo-Christian values still dominated Western culture. According to the article, “Many observers made the comparison with the Titanic disaster. One hundred years ago, 1st class men lifted steerage class women and children into lifeboats in the full knowledge that they were giving their lives. The captain of that ship was last reported seen holding a child in his arms seeking a way to save her.”

One hundred years later the destructive influence of humanism has sexually emancipated men and transformed them into self-indulgent, irresponsible people.

The influence of feminism
The concept of the bold and courageous man who honours God, overcomes adversity, sacrifices for his family and serves others was tossed out with other Biblical virtues. Women are told they don’t need men and must compete with them for sexual dominance in society. The Scriptures reveal God created man and woman to complete and complement each other in the holy union of marriage. Feminist icon, Gloria Steinem declared, “Women need men like fish need bicycles.” In response, men have abandoned their paternal instincts to pursue the guilt-free sex feminists offer.

The explosion in the number of fatherless children in society and the soaring abortion rates are just two devastating consequences of this ideology. Fatherless children are the greatest contributor to social instability in Westernised culture. The UK riots during July 2010 – involving youths mainly from dysfunctional homes – illustrates the dire social consequences of fatherless homes.

The battle of the sexes
Feminists regard the marketplace as another battlefield to push their agenda. Women are encouraged to ignore their maternal instincts, relegate the family to a lesser status and fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder. More and more women are raising children without the participation of men. Hollywood movies have sidelined once celebrated male virtues like fatherhood, courage and chivalry as antiquated notions. The ‘battle of the sexes’ has positioned men and women against each other. Loyalty and commitment are the natural casualties of an ideology that worships self.

The Christian culture is one of honour and self-sacrifice
The article also refers to “American Catholic apologist Michael Voris, whose series of videos on the emasculation of men and the effects of feminism on the Catholic Church and the world in general, mentions the type of men who are approved by the feminist-controlled media. Weak, stupid and ineffectual, who need to be ruled over by strong, hip, intelligent women.
That ideal, Voris says, has driven strong men out of the Church and out of family life, pushing them to find a channel for their masculinity in unhealthy avenues like criminality and the objectification of women.”

The Biblical Christian worldview instructs men to love, protect and provide for their families – a philosophy which instils a culture of self-sacrifice and social responsibility in men that positively benefits society. Instead of re-creating men in their own image, feminists have stripped men of their God-given masculinity and purpose.

Decades of indoctrination
The author contends, “Feminism’s vilification and demonisation of masculine strength suggests strong men are violent, evil and terrifying. Instead of heroes protecting women and children, feminism depicts strong men as brutal monsters, wife-beaters and child abusers.”

The emasculated man is the tragic result of decades of relentless indoctrination by the feminist and homosexual dominated liberal media. Biblical Christian values are ridiculed and made to look archaic. However, the truth is, the values and principles espoused in the Bible produced the most gallant and masculine men in history.

Let us return to our Judeo-Christian heritage
Western civilisation produced the wealthiest and most advanced societies in human history precisely because of its Judeo-Christian heritage. Some of the most daring and adventurous explorations and discoveries are attributed to men who held a Biblical worldview. In today’s feminist driven culture, such daring exploits are unthinkable.

Restoring Biblical values within our communities
The Biblically inspired man established the greatest civilisations in human history because he understood the purpose for his masculine strength. Today, the emasculated man is destroying that same civilisation because he rejects his God-given role and purpose. The emasculated man’s redemption therefore depends on him rediscovering his masculine strength and using that strength to fulfil his God-given purpose.

As Christians we need to restore lost Biblical values to our families, churches, communities and greater society. By becoming salt and light, we will influence the world.