September 2021

Peace, Protection, and Provision – these are principles that our Saviour has promised to His Children. Jesus Christ is our Prince of Peace, His peace He leaves with us. In this issue of JOY! we highlight many important issues facing the Church today, primarily focussing on Christ as the only answer to our problems. We share in-depth features on the cost of being a Christian, principles for the modern Church, and a special focus on children! Should Christians be bringing kids into this world? What can parents do to oppose CSE? We also share a feature on our God-honouring medal winners at the Olympics. Don’t miss out on this exciting new issue! We include many testimonies, interviews, book extracts, sermons, devotions, and other uplifting content.

This month we have featured some wonderful articles:

– Jesus Christ: Our Prince Of Peace
– 12 Virtually Forgotten Secrets To Thrive As A Single Person
– Our Children: Born For A Time Such As This – John Hagee
– Smart Choices: A Prayerfully-Planned Solution
– 3 Things To Remember When You Introduce Your Kids
– South African Olympians Dedicate Medals To God
– Inspiring & Empowering Women: Interview With Tumi Matela
– A Pilgrim’s Passion: Passed Down To The Next Generation
– Essential Principles For The Church Of The 21st Century
– Sacrifice And Commitment: The Cost Of Identifying With Christ
– What Does The Bible Say About Hospitality?
– What Does The Bible Say About Rioting?
– What Does The Bible Say About Lawlessness?
– What Is The Great Deception In The Bible?
– Reader Testimony Of God’s Faithfulness
– Words Matter – Testimony By Sophia Roman
– The Role Of The Church In Personal Transformation – Gordon Claasen
– We’re All Yearning: Anton’s Story
– Testimony: A New Person In Christ – Grant & Theunisina Neyt
– A Historic Milestone For CfaN – Smaller Towns, Bigger Impact
– From Fearful & Fatigued, To Healthy & Healed – Oxygen Products
– Rebellious Son Of A Sheikh Becomes A Child Of God – Open Doors
– Russian Doctors Find Hope While Combatting Covid-19
– Editor’s Note – Leaning On The Lord And His Wisdom
– Now Is The Time! – Herman Snell
– The Power Of Positivity – Gillian Fraser
– 3 Points To Ponder On Obedience – Gawie De Lange
– Pooch Parables: The Importance Of Being An Encourager
– 8 Year Old Saves More Than 1300 Unwanted Dogs – Hermien Van Den Bergh
– Appreciation Of The Old And New – Tendai Chitsike
– What Time Is It? – Janet Brann-Hollis
– Religious Speech Under Attack In South Africa – For SA
– Rebuilding The Walls Of Nations – Pearl Kupe
– Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
– Bible Fun: Quiz And Word Search
– Characters Of The Bible: The Blind Man On The Roadside
– Getting To Know God: The Providence Of God
– ‘My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge’ – Gerrie Bester

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