September 2016

This September Issue of JOY! Magazine is jam packed with interesting, exciting, and challenging articles – Something for the whole family. JOY! serves the entire Body of Christ – from mainline through to charismatic churches – all with one goal – to preach the Word of God uncompromised and to teach Christians a Biblical Worldview.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- COVER – Lee Grady – Empowering Women, Confronting Abuse
- Bible Word Search
- Europe Cruise Report Back
- Short Prayers That Will Change Your Day  
- Why Radio??
- Forgiveness – The Power Of God To Transform A Household
- What Does A Christ-Centred Life Look Like?
- What Does It Mean "To Live Is Christ"?
- How Do I Live My Life For God?
- It Is Always Too Soon To Quit  
- How To I Get To Where God Wants Me To Be?
- The Bible In A Nutshell – John
- Mighty Family Conferences
- 8 Love Lessons From ACDP Leaders
- 5 Practical Habits of Men In The Happiest Marriages
- No Religious Bullying!
- I Feel Chronically Fatigued – What Is The Problem?
- John And Lisa Bevere – Pathway To His Presence
- Radio Pulpit Infographic
- Uitvlught – Movie Review
- Activating The Unlimited Power OF God
- Failing Versus Success
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