August 2016

This August Issue of JOY! Magazine is jam packed with interesting, exciting, and challenging articles – Something for the whole family. JOY! serves the entire Body of Christ – from mainline through to charismatic churches – all with one goal – to preach the Word of God uncompromised and to teach Christians a Biblical Worldview.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- COVER – Patience Mlengana – A Wonderful Woman Of God
- Persecuted Outcasts Seen By Jesus
- Radio – How Relevant Is It In A Modern World?
- The Secret Of The Left That The Church Cannot Ignore
- The Truth About A Lie
- Spiritual Benefits Of Owning Less Stuff
- The Prodigal Son
- Did Judas Start Out A Traitor?
- The Bible in A Nutshell – Luke
- Unbelief Is A Deadly Enemy
- 15 Ways That Hurting People Hurt People
- New Covenant Fellowship – 40 Years In Ministry
- Leana Platt – Book Review
- Infused With Inner Strength
- When It Is Okay To Dwell On The Past
- The Effects Of Occultism On Our Health
- The Power Of One
- Exemplary Faith
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