15 Ways That Hurting People Hurt People

It is an old adage that “hurt people hurt people.”
Those who have been emotionally damaged tend to inflict their hurt and pain on other people. For example, a large percentage of those who have been sexually abused become the abusers of others; those who suffered under an alcoholic parent often themselves cause their future family to suffer because of their drunken stupors.
Until we, as a Church, deal with the whole person as shown in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, our congregations will be filled with people who are spiritually gifted but act like emotional infants. As in other words, the Church must deal with emotional health and not just spiritual health and power.
The following are common traits that hurt people display in their interactions with others.
1. Hurt people often transfer their inner anger onto their family and close friends.
Often those around them become the recipients of harsh tones and fits of rage because they have unknowingly become the vicarious recipients of transferred rage.
2. Hurt people interpret every word spoken to them through the prism of their pain.
Because of their pain, ordinary words are often misinterpreted to mean something negative towards them. Therefore, they are extremely sensitive and act out of pain instead of reality.
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