How To Live A Christ-Centred Life

AChrist-centered (or Christocentric) life is one that is focused upon a commitment to Jesus Christ as
Lord. At the core of every human decision is a motivation. Some people are motivated by the quest for pleasure or money. Some centre their entire lives on a goal, a job, or even their families. These things are not wrong in themselves; however, that which we centre our lives on can become our god.
Humans were designed to worship
The human heart was designed for worship, and if it does not worship God, it will worship something else. If we are not Christ-centered, we will be centered on something else. Worship is measured by the amount of time, money, and emotional energy expended. Our gods can be identi ed by the level of passionate commitment they evoke in us, and, after a while, we begin to resemble them. We talk about them, think about them, dream about them, and scheme to spend more time with them. People who know us best usually know where our deepest passions lie because worship is hard to hide. Followers of Christ who centre their lives

on Him start to become more like Him. They talk about Him, think about Him, dream about Him, and scheme to spend more time with Him. They choose to obey His commands out of love and honour for their Lord, not from fear of being caught in sin. The greatest desire of Christ-centered believers is to please Him and grow to be more like Him.
Their lives echo Paul’s words in Philippians 3:10: “I want to know Christ – yes, to know the power of His resurrection and participation in His su erings, becoming like Him in His death.” The chief aim of a Christ-centered life is to glorify God.