July 2018

This July issue seems to the fundamentals of the Christian faith, prayer! We have a few articles that remind us that we have an allotted time on this earth and that we need to consider and use this time wisely. Eternity must be on our minds and we should not be afraid of what awaits us. Jesus has promised us eternal life in a place that He has prepared for us. A place of peace, rest, and constant joy!

- World-Renowned Christian Apologist, Ravi Zacharias
- Jesus Culture's Gospel Sensation, Kim Walker-Smith
- The Three Levels Of Prophecy - Ps Marc Bredenkamp
- What's In A Name? - Jews For Jesus
- Modern Israel's First 70 Years As A Nation - Infographic
- Missionary Tortured By ISIS Led 40 To Christ
- A Persecuted Believer's Journey From Exile To Acceptance
- Using Media To Change Communities - TWR Radio
- The Apologist's First Question - Ravi Zacharias
- A Society Crippled By Fear - Sermon
- My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit - Dr Siva Moodley
- The Bible In A Nutshell - 2 Peter
- Jesus On The Age Of The Earth - Creation Ministries
- Feminism VS Femininity
- From Knowledge To Understanding - Interview With Caroline Leaf
- Jesus Wants To Supernaturally Heal Your Father Wounds
- Pure Water Is The Foundation For Good Health
- Fortified Cereal - A Life Saving Meal Substitute
- Stress And The Immune System
- Road Rage - Are You Driving Like A Christian?
- Prayers For The Garden Route
- A Journey Of Evangelism - The History Of CFAN
- From Murderer To Church Planter - Testimony
- A Testimony From The Township
- Editor's Note - The Power Of Intercession
- A Life Without Prayer - Harold F. Weitsz
- Prayer: The Disciples' Way Of Life - Andreas Kyriacou
- Samson - Movie Review
- Surrender To The Holy Spirit - André & Jenny Roebert

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