August 2018

This August issue features articles that are relevant to us today as our world is changing rapidly – Microchipping, transhumanism, North Korea opening their borders – a lot is happening! This issue chooses to focus on the hope that we have in Jesus! He has promised us eternal life in a place that He has prepared for us. A place of peace, rest, and constant joy!


• The Heart-Warming Story Of Lisa And Missy Harper
• Hollywood’s Courageous Christian – Denzel Washington
• Bringing God Back Into Politics – Interview With Mogoeng
• 10 Bizarre Facts About North Korea – Lee Grady
• Entitlement VS Equality In South Africa – Mike Burnard
• What Does The Bible Say About Safety, Fear, & Negative Thinking?
• Thousands Willingly Microchipping Their Hands
• David And Goliath – What Made David Victorious?
• Feeling Unwanted? Finding Where You Belong In God’s Word
• Empowering Women With Dignity – Stories Of Hope
• Sick And Tired Of Being Single – Book Review
• Living Products – Anointing Oils And Pre-Filled Communion Cups
• False Gods – What Are They And Why Do We Entertain Them?
• Dealing With Depression
• The Dinner Table – A Place Of Connection, Brokenness, & Blessing
• God Works In Mysterious Ways
• Prophecy For The Eastern Cape Church
• Editor’s Note – Are You Smiling At Strangers?
• Overcoming The Spirit Of Legalism – Andreas Kyriacou
• Beware Of The Leaven Of Religion – Audrey Hardy
• Loving Those Who Hurt Us – Jenny-May Hudson
• Serving Together –Gerry & Janine Couchman
• Cleansing The Nation Through Prayer – Harold Weitsz
• Living For Christ In A Christ-less World – Tendai Chitsike
• Prophets Preserve! – Marc Bredenkamp
• Who Needs The Gospel? – Jews For Jesus
• The #OfCourseMeToo Of Christian Women – Open Doors SA
• Church Planting In Brazil – Harvesters Ministries
• The Bible In A Nutshell – 1, 2, & 3 John
• My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Siva Moodley
• Central Asia Receives The Gospel – FEBA Radio
• Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
• This Month In Christian History – Lizzie Atwater
• No Drifting Away – Andre & Jenny Roebert

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Articles From This Issue